Weird Universe Blog — January 14, 2017

Milton Metz, RIP

I never heard his radio show, but Milton Metz seems as if he were an amiably weird guy.

Obit here.

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Category: Celebrities, Communications, Radio, Regionalism

January 13, 2017

Blood Painting

In Culver City, California, artist Illma Gore is painting a canvas with human blood to protest the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump. She's working with 20 pints of blood donated by artists, musicians, and activists.

I'm sensing that weird stuff people do to protest Trump will be a prolific theme in weird news during the next four years.

More info:

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Category: Art, Politics, Riots, Protests and Civil Disobedience

January 12, 2017

The Tullock Spike

The economic theory of risk compensation suggests that laws intended to increase safety, such as mandating safety belts in cars, can sometimes have the opposite effect by making people feel safer and therefore encouraging them to engage in riskier behavior. This is also known as the Peltzmann Effect.

This concept inspired the economist Gordon Tullock to come up with the idea that instead of mandating safety belts, it would save far more lives if the government required that large spikes were installed in the center of steering columns, because this would make drivers more acutely aware of the danger of driving too fast. This steering-wheel spike is referred to as the Tullock Spike, or Tullock Steering Column.

Image source: reddit

However, economist Sandy Ikeda has noted that a mandatory Tullock Spike might also trigger unintended consequences: "Some might replace the steel dagger with a rubber one. Indeed, a black market in fake steering-column daggers might arise. But that of course could worsen the problem because now some drivers will drive as recklessly as before, while law-abiding drivers will still have daggers aimed at their chests. There maybe fewer accidents but more deaths than before."

Ikeda suggested instead that the best possible safety measure would be to "ban brakes on cars."

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Category: Motor Vehicles, Regulations

Alice White and Bunnies




I am not sure why 1930s actress Alice White was made to pose with bunnies so often, but she certainly looked fetching with them.

Source of third foto.

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January 11, 2017

Anti-Cow Kicker

October 1938: Alice Anthony models an "anti-cow kicker" invented by Bill Vernia of Odebolt, Iowa.

Pittsburgh Press - Oct 16, 1938

The Franklin News-Herald - Oct 7, 1938

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January 10, 2017

How To Lick Pimples

Source: Santa's Christmas Comics, Dec 1952

via reddit

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Category: Advertising, 1950s, Skin and Skin Conditions

January 9, 2017

Non-Terrifying Gas Mask

1941: Charles Leguillon, a manager at the B.F. Goodrich Co., invented a "non-terrifying gas mask" that a pretty girl could wear "and remain a pretty girl and not become a gargoyle."

The media proclaimed that for this he deserved "female thanks," because of course all women want to continue looking their best, even during chemical warfare.

But was the new gas mask actually non-terrifying? I'll let you be the judge.

American Legion Magazine - Aug 1941

The Akron Beacon Journal - June 11, 1941

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Category: Costumes and Masks, Military, 1940s

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