Weird Universe Blog — December 7, 2017

Atomic Protection Fashion

"how the housewife of the future might do her shopping during danger of atomic attack. The ensemble consists of a hood and goggles for protection against atomic flashes, a cloak and a gas mask to protect the lungs from atomic dust."

Because not even the threat of nuclear war is going to stop the weekly shop!

Akron Beacon Journal - May 7, 1957

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Category: Fashion, Atomic Power and Other Nuclear Matters, 1950s

December 6, 2017

Official fog watchers

I don't know why, but this seems like a very British type of job.

The High Point Enterprise - Feb 6, 1974

image source:

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Category: Jobs and Occupations, 1970s

Follies of the Madmen #339

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Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Fashion, 1960s

December 5, 2017

Chained to a 4-ton block of marble

Belgian artist Mikes Poppe recently chained himself to a four-ton block of marble and then attempted to free himself by chiseling away at it. His goal was to demonstrate how the "inescapable burden of history" imprisons artists.

Nineteen days later he gave up and asked to be freed, admitting that he had "underestimated the marble." Despite this, he said, "I don’t see that as a failure... On the contrary. I have been able to communicate with the public. I am now going to read the many comments in the guestbook and take a warm bath.”

via hyperallergic

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Category: Performance Art

The Can Museum

It seems to me that you could profitably waste many hours exploring The Can Museum.

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Category: Cult Figures and Artifacts, Culture and Civilization, Products, Retailing, Collectors

December 4, 2017

Action Artist William Green

Dismayed by the negative reaction to his art, which involved pouring printer's ink on a canvas and then riding over it with a bicycle, William Green gave up art in 1965. But he took it up again in 1995, at which point "He continued to paint every day and systematically sawed up and destroyed almost all his furniture and house contents, with the resulting debris incorporated in vast black bitumen-covered paintings."

More info: wikipedia

Battle Creek Enquirer - Sep 16, 1957

Untitled (1958), by William Green - via

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Category: Art

Where’s Huddles?

Sure, why not transplant THE FLINTSTONES into a contemporary NFL setting? That'll be a hit, for sure!

Wikipedia page.

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Category: Ineptness, Crudity, Talentlessness, Kitsch, and Bad Art, Sports, Television, Cartoons, 1970s

December 3, 2017

Miss Fat Girl

Did the rules specify that the fat had to be au naturel?

Des Moines Tribune - Dec 26, 1968

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Category: Awards, Prizes, Competitions and Contests, 1960s

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