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L.A. Knockers

The L.A. Knockers was an all-female dance troupe that formed in 1974 and stayed together (with members coming and going) for 12 years.

There's a fan page here. And one of the original members has posted a collection of L.A. Knockers videos on YouTube.

image source

It was their name and ultra 70s look that first caught my attention. But when I googled about them, I discovered they also had a run-in with tragedy. One of the original members, Lissa Kastin (middle, above), became a victim of the Hillside Stranglers in 1977.

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Murder by Flypaper

Original story here.

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Category: Death, Scary Criminals, Children, 1930s

July 18, 2017

Hot Tub Boat

It's a floating hot tub. The invention of Adam Karpenske of Seattle. Top speed: three-and-a-half knots. Available for rental or purchase.

From the company's FAQ:

Q:  How is it possible to fill a boat with water and have it not sink?

A:  The sleek design of a Hot Tub Boat allows for a high load capacity.  The Hot Tub Boat has been carefully engineered, and the hot tub is positioned on the boat’s center of buoyancy, allowing for remarkable stability, even with 2100 pounds of water.

Also from the FAQ:

Please refrain from nudity while renting a Hot Tub Boat and insure all the “important bits” are covered.

More info:

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Category: Boats

La Bostella

Original article here.

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Category: Fads, 1960s, Dance

July 17, 2017

Man-Pleasing Recipes

The title of this 1971 recipe book was somewhat misleading. It claimed to feature "Man-Pleasing Recipes," but really it was a collection of recipes featuring rice as the main ingredient. The booklet was put out by the Rice Council for P.R. purposes. Part of an effort to promote rice as a manly food.

Can't say it succeeded. When I think of foods traditionally perceived as "manly," rice isn't one of the things that comes to mind.


The Liberty Vindicator - Sep 7, 1972

One of the "man-pleasing recipes"
Shreveport Times - Oct 14, 1971

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Category: Food, Books, 1970s

Growdina, the Marvelous Bust Developer

I just love the name "Growdina."



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Category: Body, Patent Medicines, Nostrums and Snake Oil, Twentieth Century

July 16, 2017

Celery Bikini

Another plant-themed bikini. This time it's Evelyn Hayes who, as "Celery Queen" of National City, CA in 1939, got to wear a celery bikini.

Though, again, it wouldn't yet have been called a bikini. More like a celery hula skirt and top.

Pittsburgh Press - Apr 2, 1939

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Artwork Khrushchev Probably Would Not Have Liked 5

"Lazy, nihilist capitalist tulip cannot stand up straight and proud like honest, hardworking Soviet tulip!"

André Kertész,"Melancholic Tulip," 1939

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Category: Art, Nature, 1930s, Russia

July 15, 2017

Cactus Bikini

It's become a bit of an iconic image — a young woman wearing a cactus bikini. The photo dates back to 1940 when the Tucson Sunshine Climate Club dressed some University of Arizona coeds up in cactus apparel as a publicity stunt. Of course, it wouldn't have been called a 'bikini' back then, since that term wasn't yet coined. It was called a "cactus sun suit." The suits were made out of Saguaro and prickly pear cacti.

The photos then spread far and wide, including into Nazi newspapers, where they were offered as examples of American decadence, "a peak of utter lack of taste."

The model in the top photo is Merri Ciochetti.

Life - Apr 7, 1941

Arizona Daily Star - Feb 27, 1945

Update: One more photo from the photoshoot.

San Bernardino Sun - Mar 27, 1940

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Category: Fashion, 1940s

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