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Singed Fashion

"Inspired by a conflagration in his own showroom, designer Marcos Egas offers shirts with singed collars, pockets and cuffs."

If life deals you lemons, sell lemonade. Or, if your showroom burns down, sell burnt clothes.

Pensacola News-Journal - June 5, 1994

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Follies of the Madmen #338

Original ad here.

I find this ad too creepy for me even to register the product, as if it were something out of THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

But perhaps that's because I was seriously creeped out by this comic book cover when I was a kid!

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December 1, 2017


June 1996: A Danish mother, Pia Agergaard, won a 9-year court battle to be allowed to name her son Christophpher. The Danish courts had tried to prevent her using the unorthodox spelling, fearing it would have a detrimental effect on her son. They insisted she use Christopher or Christoffer instead.

Bismarck Tribune - June 13, 1996

In 2008, a Danish newspaper ( checked back in with Christophpher, who by then was 21. He reported that he had never experienced any disadvantage on account of his name:

When Christophpher was born in 1987, his parents wanted to give him the distinctive name to signal how special he was as their firstborn.
But for nine years it did not go. The Church Ministry refused to approve the special spelling. The name could be detrimental to the child, it said.
That argument shakes Christophpher at the head of today. Because he has never actually experienced his name as a disadvantage. He has never been teased because of it. And he has not had other problems with the name, for example, when he should have a passport, he says.


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Mystery Illustration 63

I have erased the thing being sold in this ad. But what possible solution is being touted for this man's incredible distress and misfortune?

Answer is here.

Or after the jump.

More in extended >>

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November 30, 2017

Service for smiles

Given an equal choice, will a store clerk first serve a smiling or a frowning customer?

Science provides the answer. Clerks go toward the smiler.

Maybe this is why it's so hard to ever get help in Home Depot. I need to be grinning more.

Elmira Star Gazette - Dec 11, 1972

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Category: Science, Psychology, Shopping

A Rose and a Baby Ruth

Apology on the cheap.

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Category: Music, Nature, Teenagers, Candy, 1950s, Love & Romance

November 29, 2017

Indecent Apes

McAllen Monitor - Nov 19, 1993

The offending cover. It's true, you can see a dangly bit there, as well as some naked ta-tas.

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Category: Censorship, Bluenoses, Taboos, Prohibitions and Other Cultural No-No's, 1990s

A Is for Atom PSA

Dr. Atom is a hideous abomination of nightmare fuel.

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November 28, 2017

Circulatory effects of trumpet playing

"Circulatory Effects of Trumpet Playing" (British Medical Journal - 1959) details a self-experiment by a professional trumpet player to determine the best position in which to play the trumpet to avoid blacking out while playing high loud notes. He determines that laying down flat offers the most blackout protection.

Another curious detail from the article: his suggestion that trumpeters in orchestras could avoid blackout by wearing pressure suits "which could be surreptitiously inflated by a switch on the conductor's desk."

It is well known among professional trumpeters that playing high loud notes for more than a few seconds may cause dizziness or occasionally 'black-out.' Indeed, many leading orchestras carry an assistant or 'mate' to take over from the first trumpet in prolonged difficult passages...

Apart from the discomfort of occasional dizzy sensations or black-outs, trumpet players are not likely to come to any harm. Vasodilation from heat or previous hyperventilation will exaggerate the effects of a given intrathoracic pressure. It is better to sit than stand, but the strict supine posture, which would be better still, seems hardly feasible. For orchestras in severe financial difficulties it might be possible to dispense with the assistant or 'mate' if the trumpeter wore a pilot's pressure-suit, which could be surreptitiously inflated by a switch on the conductor's desk.

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