September 16, 2010

Knight TP Holder

Yes, King Arthur, I have brought you the Holy Grail of bathroom accessories.

Posted By: Paul - Thu Sep 16, 2010 - Comments (10)
Category: Domestic, Interior Decorating, Kitsch and Collectibles

September 15, 2010

One Comfortable F#%*ing Matress

An Italian man has invented what he calls a love mattress. A mattress that is purported to be more conducive to sexual activity. It has a block cushion that can be pulled out to provide a kneeling well of sorts. When the couple is ready to sleep the cushion can be dropped back in making an even sleeping surface and, hopefully, eliminating the age old problem of who sleeps in the wet spot.

Here's the link to the original story- My apologies for omitting it in the initial post.

Posted By: patty - Wed Sep 15, 2010 - Comments (21)

Follies of the Mad Men #122

More ill-conceived use of music in advertising.

Posted By: Paul - Wed Sep 15, 2010 - Comments (2)
Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Domestic, Appliances, Music, 1950's

Guns Don’t Kill People

But I can't say the same for these doctors.

Guns, Doctors and all around weirdness in one place!

Posted By: Nethie - Wed Sep 15, 2010 - Comments (5)
Category: Death, Entertainment, Guns, Hospitals, Humor, Medicine, Video, Violence, Goofs and Screw-ups

September 14, 2010

Proper Opossum Pedicure

Found by Selma Moss-Ward.

Posted By: Paul - Tue Sep 14, 2010 - Comments (10)
Category: Animals, Hygiene, Reader Recommendation

September 13, 2010

Toys with Emotional Problems

You think you have problems? At least you weren't created with a specific mental illness in mind, as in being a depressed turtle or a obsessive compulsive Hippo.


My only complaint is that only 5 mental illnesses are represented. Surely we can do better than that, people.

Here's the link if you don't believe it.

Posted By: gdanea - Mon Sep 13, 2010 - Comments (6)
Category: Toys

News of the Weird / Pro Edition (September 13, 2010)

News of the Weird/Pro Edition
You're Still Not Cynical Enough

Prime Cuts of Underreported News from Last Week, Hand-Picked and Lightly Seasoned by Chuck Shepherd
September 13, 2010
(datelines September 4-September 11) (links correct as of September 13)

Bite Me, Plus A Solution to the Ground-Zero Mosque and Lawyers Who Hear the Dead

★ ★ ★ ★!

In Mississippi, "Conviction System" or "Justice System"? The former is operating smoothly in the case of "bite mark" analysis that has been ridiculed by actual "justice systems" elsewhere in America.'s Radley Balko explains how the state attorney general is pushing to execute yet another man based on scant "real" evidence but on the assurances of two hick local-yokel "experts" that tooth marks on the corpse could only have come from the man on trial (alone among everyone walking the earth). The A.G. may now even have reached Stage 5 Acceptance that his "experts" were not--but still believes that his oath of office requires him to preserve previous convictions rather than to "do justice." ("Doing justice" would require, at the very least, not executing Eddie Lee Howard on the basis of pseudo-science.) Ugly.

Only in San Francisco: (1) To serve the city's jailhouse population (where romance is discouraged and interpersonal sex is illegal), the city government's health obsessives have installed 16 condom machines (as if Leroy and Big Wayne care). (2) Normally, if a business owner raises prices, it's supply and demand. In Haight-Ashbury, though, the obstreperous homeless who litter in front of the local McDonald's aren't sitting still for this obvious plot against them. Pushing the 99-cent hamburger back to $1.49 insults their dignity and drives them to the Dumpsters. San Francisco Chronicle /// San Francisco Chronicle

Patriot Game: TPM's Muckraker (the investigative arm of Talking Points Memo's liberal-leaning political blog) discovered, which looks like a blatant pyramid scheme and is cheerfully acknowledged by the founder to function like one--but that's all right, Mike Patterson blissfully says, because he's a "patriot," and you'll hardly notice he's ripping you off because some of the money collected will go to support "patriotic" programs. There's even a helpful chart on how much you and your sign-ups can earn each other through the first 11 levels, topping out at $53,000. TPMMuckraker

Solution for the "Ground Zero Mosque": CNN reported last week from Amsterdam that a Muslim had opened an Internet site selling Shariah-compliant sexual aids for marrieds--lubricants and lotions, with lingerie coming soon--vetted by Saudi scholars. (And the site is tasteful--no videos or dildos.) [ed.: So if proprietor AbdulAziz Aouragh could buy into a storefront at the Park51 (mosque) site, a beautiful convergence would result--of Islam, tolerance, self-awareness, private enterprise, man-woman-supporting marriage, New York City sex! Win-win-win! Please, I'm much too modest to accept the lavish praise you're about to bathe me in.] CNN

More in extended >>

Posted By: Chuck - Mon Sep 13, 2010 - Comments (6)

September 12, 2010

Quis Fabricariet Ipsos Fabricares?

Dresden art dealer Petra Kujau was found guilty of forgery this week, after passing off three hundred paintings she had come into possession of as the work of her "great-uncle", Konrad Kujau. The 51 year-old singer turned dealer would add a facsimile of Kujau senior's signature to the paintings, then sell them on at a greatly inflated price.

So far, so mundane. What makes this story particularly WU worthy is that Konrad Kujau was himself a forger, and his self-proclaimed niece was selling her forgeries as "genuine forgeries" created by her famous uncle Konrad. It all begins to make sense once you learn that Mr. Kujau did not limit himself to forging paintings, but was also known to forge the odd diary or two, specifically those of one Adolf Hitler. Although ultimately unsuccessful, his forgeries of the Hitler Diaries were good enough to fool not just many newspapers and magazines, but also at least two historians, and the unmasking of the hoax caused many a journalist and editor a red face. But the notoriety afforded Konrad Kujau as the man "behind" the Hitler diaries meant that he could command considerable sums for something a small as Hitler's signature on a card, and original "Kujau forgeries" soon became enough of a collector's item that he could make a comfortable living from them after his release from prison in 1987.

After his death in September 2000 his business was carried on by Petra Kujau, who evidently decided that one forgery was as good as another, and began importing cheap copies of famous works from Asian suppliers and passing them off as eminently more desirable "Kujau forgeries", which in one sense they were. But soon the sheer volume of Kujau forgeries on the market aroused the suspicions of at least one collector, who tipped off the police to the double forgery.

Which just leaves the question, just where can I get hold of a genuine Petra Kujau double forgery? Now that's something I'd like to own!

Posted By: Dumbfounded - Sun Sep 12, 2010 - Comments (6)
Category: Art, Business, Crime, Frauds, Cons and Scams, Hoaxes and Imposters and Imitators

Englishman in the Mails

As a creator of "mail art" (you can see some of my stuff here), I immediately dived upon the book pictured to the right. It tells the life story of W. R. Bray, who invented the concept of messing with the mails, even going so far as to mail a live dog and himself! It's full of Grade-A weirdness, and beautifully illustrated.

Posted By: Paul - Sun Sep 12, 2010 - Comments (5)
Category: Outsider Art, Europe, Nineteenth Century, Postal Services

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