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May 6, 2009

Chocoholics Need to Suck It Up

Finally chocoholics, oft blamed for inhaling their chocolate, can indulge in the real experience.

An expat Chicago boy has invented the first chocolate inhalers that offer a 1 calore burst of chocolate per puff. Le Whif will soon (according to the stories) be available in the U.S..
Posted By: Expat47 | Date: Wed May 06, 2009 | Comments (7)

Your Daily Loser & Jury Duty for May 6th

Your Daily Loser - If the police are kind enough to put your drunken butt into a cab and send you home rather than write you a ticket for being drunk and disorderly, do yourself a huge favor and stay home! Unfortunately this advice comes too late for Erik "Knucklehead" Salmons of Copley, Ohio. Once he arrived home, Salmons thought it over and decided he wasn't too drunk to drive. To prove his point, he drove himself to the police station and insisted on being given a breathalyzer... which he failed. The Story.

Jury Duty - Is it really possible that he smokes pot? It could be that he just sells it, but I have my doubts. Being high as a kite would help to explain the hair. The Mugshot.
Posted By: Nethie | Date: Wed May 06, 2009 | Comments (7)
Category: Drugs, Your Daily Jury Duty, Your Daily Loser, Goofs and Screw-ups

Buy Your Own Piece of Armageddon

Be the envy of every other survivalist and have your own converted cold-war Atlas-F missile silo home! You too can live in complete cold war safety and luxury. The converted missile launch site is marketed as a getaway, luxury home, and in my opinion is every survivalist’s dream. The property includes its own private runway, 2000 square foot luxury home above ground with master suite, a private airstrip, and a hangar/garage. Below ground, past the 2000 lb. blast doors and three feet of reinforced concrete built to withstand brutal missile assaults lies two additional stories of space in the converted control room where you will find two additional suites with luxury marble Jacuzzi baths and an escape hatch to your private hangar.


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May 5, 2009

Lightsabers on a Segway

So, I guess this is for the lazier Jedi.

Apparently, Star Wars fan videos never get old.
Posted By: mdb777 | Date: Tue May 05, 2009 | Comments (1)
Category: Boredom, Fads, Geeks, Nerds and Pointdexters

the King of Weird..Kenneth Pinyan

In the world of weird, there is weird and then there is WEIRD. Kenneth Pinyan was WEIRD.He was depraved..he was sick. He was a Boeing aerospace engineer and businessman at the time of his death. His death was both untimely and highly unusual in that it came due to engaging in receptive anal sex with a stallion. He suffered a perforated colon afterwards and fearful that his injuries would adversely affect his career, refused to go to seek medical treatment.

Later a documentary film about Pinyan was made called Zoo. It was one of 16 award winners out of 856 entries in 2007 at the Sundance Film Festival.It was also chosen as one of the top five American films to be presented at the Directors Fortnight sidebar at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. Highly acclaimed because of it's sensitive treatment of a very delicate subject the Toronto Star said "gorgeously artful ... one of the most beautifully restrained, formally distinctive and mysterious films of the entire festival".

So, in the world of weird there is weird and then there is Kenneth Pinyan who by all rights might be the King of Weird.
Posted By: hickory_johnson | Date: Tue May 05, 2009 | Comments (7)

Mysterious Pigeon Abductions in New York

Rumor has it that pigeon or squab is a delicacy, particularly to the Asian community in New York's Chinatown district. This might explain the mysterious ongoing disappearances of many of the pigeons there. These pigeon abductions have also occured in the Greenwich Village area. It's clear from the Youtube link that humans aren't the only ones partaking of this culinary delight.
Posted By: hickory_johnson | Date: Tue May 05, 2009 | Comments (8)

Life Imitates Art

Here are two commercials to watch. I believe that you will see a startling similarity emerge that will shake you to the core (or maybe just halfway to the core).

So far, so good. It's your basic ad for cosmetics, showing a heavily airbrushed woman who looks somewhat like an android (gynoid?), poncing around in an empty, black, out-of-focus room, interspersed with product shots against a stark white background. (I'm always a little saddened when the real product doesn't create lines of light in contour around my wife's face.) I don't know to much about the product's specific properties.

What I know for sure is that it bares a startling similarity to a fictional product I have seen before.

More in extended >>
Posted By: kingmonkey | Date: Tue May 05, 2009 | Comments (5)
Category: Armageddon and Apocalypses, Body Modifications, Cannibalism, Cosmetics, Movies, Advertising

Zyzzyx Road

Zyzzyx Road will probably go down in history as the lowest grossing movie ever. On February 25, 2006, Zyzzyx Road was released in one theater and made a total gross of $30. According to, the film made $20 opening weekend and got to the staggering total of $30 in it's six day theatrical run. Watching the trailer you can probably tell why it did so poorly even in it's one theater that it played in. Still not available on DVD and oft confused with a film of a similar name (Zzyzx), Katherine Heigl fans should be glad that this didn't ruin her career. I know I'd watch it if it were available though.

For further information on the subject:
Posted By: mdb777 | Date: Tue May 05, 2009 | Comments (5)
Category: Celebrities, Movies

We’re off and running…

The new Weird Universe seems to be off to a good start. So far we have around 25 official contributors (not counting me, Chuck, and Paul). Thanks to everyone for being so supportive of this new direction for the site.

To add a small element of competition to the site, I've added a "top recent posts" box in the sidebar. So if you post something that proves very popular and generates a lot of comments, you'll see your post floating to the top of the leader board.

The leader board only includes posts from the previous two weeks, which should prevent a post such as my "this is the end" post getting permanently stuck at the top.

I'll probably be tweaking the site in a number of small ways during the next few weeks to adapt to the new reader-contributed format.
Posted By: Alex | Date: Tue May 05, 2009 | Comments (4)
Category: Weird Universe

Take your child to work day…the F-sate way!

An F-state prison guard decided that the best way to help his co-workers' kids understand what it's like to work in prison was to tase them. Please note that this is now an international story.
Bonus Quote: 'The big shock came when I got fired.' the Daily Mail
Posted By: Lovemonkey | Date: Tue May 05, 2009 | Comments (3)
Category: Prisons, Stupidity, Children
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