December 17, 2009

Coolest Teacher Ever

Music teacher, Mary Segall accompanied 40 students to a performance in downtown Phoenix. Then she took the students to a local restaurant for lunch. That would have been fine except the restaurant chosen was Hooters. The teacher claims it was the only place they could get seated due to the size of the group. School officials don't buy it though, so Ms. Segall is on administrative leave. She is retiring in January and the district won't say if she will return to the classroom before then or not. Interestingly, this teacher and some of her students performed at one of President Obama's inauguration events. I'm guessing lunch was provided that day.

Posted By: patty - Thu Dec 17, 2009 - Comments (7)

Snow Globe

Check out the car decorated as a snow globe, there is a slide show at the link. Mom must have done it to amuse her daughter. It worked too, the girl is pictured inside the 'globe' grinning from ear to ear.

pic from photo bucket

Posted By: patty - Thu Dec 17, 2009 - Comments (4)

Al Kaprielian

Goodbye, Al Kaprielian.

Posted By: Paul - Thu Dec 17, 2009 - Comments (4)
Category: Eccentrics, Regionalism, Television, Weather

December 15, 2009

Beach Magic just in time for Christmas

When it's cold outside, what could be better than a day of magic at the beach?

Any ideas about how it is done?

Posted By: gdanea - Tue Dec 15, 2009 - Comments (6)
Category: Magic and Illusions and Sleight of Hand

Last Minute Shopping?

I was originally going to display three or four of the most unique items from Archie McPhee's web store to give you an example of the true weirdness you can find there (vengeful unicorns, remote controlled hopping yodelling lederhosen, bacon bath soap, inflatable toast). But once I started digging deeper to find just the right ones, I realized there was no way I could stick to just a few. My fellow WUvians needed to see all of the zany craziness that McPhee's has to offer. And how can you resist any company whose motto is "Slightly Less Disappointing Than Other Companies". So if you're in need of a last minute gift idea for the weirdo on your list, this is the place for you.

Posted By: Nethie - Tue Dec 15, 2009 - Comments (6)
Category: Animals, Art, Bathrooms, Body, Humor, Shopping, Toys, Candy

News of the Weird / Pro Edition (12-14-2009 Extra)

News of the Weird/Pro Edition (Extra)
December 14, 2009

Still More Things to Worry About

Theodore Sypnier is about to be released from prison, and Buffalo, N.Y., is in a tizzy. "Mr. Sypnier is the personification of evil and should be removed from civilized society permanently, until the day he dies," said the local prosecutor. Sypnier has a long rap sheet as a child molester, yet is unrepentant. Nothing about himself needs changing, he says. (Bonus: He's 100 yrs old.) (Double Bonus: At least Sypnier didn't murder anyone, as this 98-year-old woman allegedly did.) Buffalo News /// Associated Press via Fox News

Update: Your Editor has reported before on the baby blessings at the Sri Santeswar temple in India's Karnataka state, in which good health and good luck will be dispensed to tots (mostly under age 2) who get tossed from the top of the 30-foot-high building. They always manage to catch the kids, but opponents are on the verge of having the ritual banned. Daily Telegraph (London)

Yitzhak Ganon, 85, finally went to see a doctor, in Petach Tikva, Israel, because of a life-threatening infection. It was his first doctor visit in 65 years, since he once had a bad experience (in Auschwitz, Germany, when Dr. Joseph Mengele removed one of his kidneys without anesthesia). Spiegel Online

Fine Points of the Law: Fast food restaurants can still keep mobility-scooter people out of the drive-thru lanes, on safety grounds, even though Ms. Ariel Wade, a 60-ish former stripper with a rough edge to her, disagrees [on the video]. City Pages (Minneapolis) /// [video]

Gerald Cellette Jr., 44, accused of running a $53 million Ponzi scheme in Minnesota, must've had a sense of doom at the charges. He was found knocking on the door of a judge's chambers in Minneapolis, ready to go to prison, i.e., pre-arrest, pre-plea, pre-judgment, pre-sentence. Star Tribune

The District of Calamity: The D.C. Jail is so unsecured that guards just recently found a handgun lying around and have concluded that it has probably been lying around since 2003, when it was stashed as part of a notorious scheme in which guns were smuggled to inmates, who agreed to shoot themselves, in order to set up a big damages payout from the District. Washington Post

Here is the Med-ucation Blog's 25 Oddest Objects Ever Eaten (by Humans), and it looks like a pretty good job (and not a slide show!). Med-ucation

Daniel Shilts Jr., 36, Waldo, Wis., was sentenced (again) for DUI, but this one got him hard time, in that he pressure-peed the back of an officer's head in the squad car. Sheboygan Press via New York Daily News

Additional Newsrangers: Thomas Goodey, Jimmy Atkinson

Posted By: Chuck - Tue Dec 15, 2009 - Comments (6)

Follies of the Mad Men #79


[From Esquire for February 1958. Two scans: picture above, text below.]

Yes, you too can wear pj's that mock the abused indentured Chinese laborers who helped build this country. Love those hats!

Posted By: Paul - Tue Dec 15, 2009 - Comments (2)
Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Fashion, Stereotypes and Cliches, 1950's

December 14, 2009

Food Fight

A fight over a grocery cart took place at an Aachen, Germany grocery store on Saturday. A 74 year old man got into an altercation with a 35 year old woman, her 24 year old brother and their 53 year old mother. It started in the parking lot and continued into the store, where two of the four armed themselves, one with a salami and the other with a piece of parmesan cheese. In the end two of the people had to be treated for minor injuries at the hospital.

Posted By: patty - Mon Dec 14, 2009 - Comments (8)

Band-Aid Study

James Cook University in Queensland, Australia did a research study on the least painful way to remove a band-aid. Yeah, they're on the cutting edge of important medical research there. If anyone would like to read the results of this crucial study hit the link.

Posted By: patty - Mon Dec 14, 2009 - Comments (7)

News of the Weird / Pro Edition (12-14-2009)

News of the Weird/Pro Edition
December 14, 2009
(mordant and/or stupefying news from December 4-12)

The power of personal belief continues to trump common sense. A U.S. Treasury agent told a reporter that many more deluded people continue to believe in all sincerity that, to get out of debt, they can merely compose their own "private offset bonds" or "bond promissory notes" and send them off to a grateful Bank of America et al. It never occurs, even, to ask why the sellers of the seminars and guidebooks on how to do these thing accept only cash. One guy who used such a "bond" on a federal tax lien was hauled into court by IRS but patiently explained to the judge that the main problem here was that "your clerks may not be familiar with these type of instruments and do not know how to handle them." St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Hustler creator Larry Flynt was in court last week testifying against his nephews Jimmy Flynt and Dustin Flynt for producing pornography under the family name. Larry said their product didn't measure up to the exquisite quality of porn that consumers have come to expect from "Flynt." Explained Larry, they're "focusing on the boob element, so to speak. I just think that's sort of passé" Similarly(?), the world-famous Lincoln Center (for the Performing Arts in New York City) formally threatened litigation against the Lincoln County Multi-Purpose Facility in Brookhaven, Miss. (pop. 9,800), for referring to the facility locally as the "Lincoln Center." Los Angeles Times /// Daily Leader (Brookhaven)

Things Government Is/Isn't Good At (continuing series): The SEC couldn't catch Bernard Madoff, but IRS nailed Rachel Porcaro, who makes $19,000 a year cutting hair, which IRS auditors said was too little taxable income for her demographic. (She and her kids live in her parents' house, but in that case, IRS said she paid the parents below-market rent and therefore shouldn't have claimed the kids as dependents. So, she's toast. IRS levied her the equivalent of a year's wages.) And while many people had their time wasted at an airport last week, pulled out of line for random searches, someone at the Transportation Security Administration accidentally posted TSA's entire airport screening procedures manual online (leading, of course, to the totally implausible reassurance by the agency that no harm was done). Seattle Times /// ABC News

And while state and local government employees (the people who most affect Americans' quality of life) get laid off and furloughed, with consequent reduction of services, the number of federal employees making $100,000-plus salaries has rocketed up (e.g., Defense Department, from 1,800 such employees in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009; Transportation Department, from 1 person making $170,000-plus in December 2007 to 1,690 in June 2009). (And the numbers don't even include overtime or bonuses.) USA Today

Taking a break from the world's other crises, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education last week issued a major policy pronouncement: The "mythical status" of the hymen "has caused far too much harm for far too long," and from now on, it shall be known not as the hymen but as the "vaginal corona." The Local (Stockholm)

More in extended >>

Posted By: Chuck - Mon Dec 14, 2009 - Comments (6)

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