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July 7, 2009

Flesh Eating Robots

A couple of designers, James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, from the UK have created five robots that have a taste for meat. The "robotic furniture" is designed to look cool and to catch flies and mice. Once caught, the vermin are digested and turned into energy to power the machines. NewScientist

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Forgotten and Unseen Electronics Part 28

If you know any woman that like to play video games than you can get this for them. It's a purse made to play old nes games. It was made by Jeri Ellsworth. Unfortunately there isn't anywhere you can buy one of these.


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A Little More Light Weirdness

Just some un-themed oddities that caught my eye:

Plans to chop down a tree to make way for a roundabout in Jaslo, Poland have revealed that the oak was in fact planted to commemorate Hitler's birthday when the town was occupied during World War 2. The town's mayor, Maria Kurowska, called the choice between traffic improvements and the living memorial "simple," but not everyone agrees. "It's a historic curiosity," said local Kazimierz Polak, who was present at the planting ceremony as a child 67 years ago, adding, "It's not the tree's fault" (Reuters).

Two Bengal white tigers in a zoo in South Africa have given birth to a tiger cub that's not only white, but stripe-less (London Paper). Surely that's just called a lion?

A spiritual "healer" in Puerto Rico may want to re-read the manual today, after accidentally dropping a lit candle into the bath of alcohol he had instructed he lady patient lie in. The victim, who was suffering financial and marriage issues, can now add 50% burns to her list of problems (Metro).

The Swiss state of Appenzell went the whole of the second world war without a single German invader, so was perhaps unprepared to come under sustained assault by German hikers dressed in nothing but their socks and boots. Naked hiking, which has become a popular Alpine pastime apparently, has generated a stream of complaints from Swiss locals, and the authorities of the Outer and Inner Rhodes provinces of Appenzell have responded by imposing stiff fines of 200CHF ($175) on anyone caught without clothes, though where they expect the hikers to produce the money from is not explained (Cape News). To publicise the ban, the Swiss officials have ordered signs banning nude hiking, to the surprise of designer Dan Walter, who originally drew the sign as a joke (Metro).
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But Where Did They Get The Concrete?

The historic city of Bath in England is famed for both the Roman spas that gave the town its name, and for the wonderful architecture of the Georgian houses that were later built to take advantage of them. These homes were all the more beautiful for being built from "Bath stone", a richly honey-coloured limestone that was quarried from mines in nearby Combe Down, now a thriving suburb of the City of Bath. And therein lies the problem. The limestone mines have been abandoned for over a century, and the Georgian miners were none too careful to begin with, meaning that much of the 9 miles of mineshafts are unstable, and some are barely 6 feet below the surface. With over 700 homes at risk of disappearing into the ground with no warning, the local North-East Somerset Council has spent £160 million ($260 million) stabilising the mines and filling them in again with concrete foam in a 10 year project that comes to an end today (BBC News).
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Category: Architecture, History, Goofs and Screw-ups

Banned - School Trips To Saddam’s Grave!

The Iraqi government has banned organised outings to the grave of Saddam Hussein after it learned that local schools were regularly taking groups of pupils on visits. The tomb is still regularly visited by supporters of the former dictator, who was hanged for war crimes in 2006, but now these must only be informal affairs and not arranged or supported by local or ministerial authorities (BBC News).

Two words: "flashmob" and "tapshoes".
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Here we are, at the one-year anniversary of WEIRD UNIVERSE, and I'm about to say goodbye--for a while, anyhow. It's been a marvelous year, full of friendship, creativity, and, well, weirdness galore. I'd like to say thanks to Chuck and Alex, and to all the wonderful readers of the blog.

However, now I need to step back to attend to other projects. But I leave the blog in the capable hands of its readers. And I'll be checking in every day.

Perhaps you recall the very first, non-introductory post, as seen in the screen-capture to the right. I figured I might as well go out on the same note. So look for FOLLIES OF THE MAD MEN #70 to follow. I didn't quite manage to hit 100, but 70 is still pretty good.
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Follies of the Mad Men #70

[From Playboy for May 1970.]

Well, folks, here it is: the last FOLLIES OF THE MAD MEN for the foreseeable future, and my last regular post after one year's worth of nearly two per day. I didn't quite achieve two FOLLIES per week over that year, but close.

In any case, read the convoluted logic here about how your choice of TV reflects your sexual prowess.

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July 6, 2009

Mama Mia!

After a disagreement with his mother, an 18 year old New Zealander found an interesting way to get even and make some money too. He posted nude photos of mom for sale on line. She was quite upset and the site pulled the photos. End of story, right? Wrong! The next day he posted lingerie shots of mom for sale, with her approval. I guess it didn't upset her anymore once she was promised half the proceeds of the sale. Check out the naked truth here-,28348,25738688-5014239,00.html
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The Sandpaper Ballet

Any orchestral work that uses sandpaper as a musical "instrument" qualifies as weird. But when it's performed by men in tutus, it's even weirder.

Read more about composer Leroy Anderson here.

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Category: Music, Tools, 1950's

Early Bodybuilding

And now, some Victorian Beefcake.

Posted By: Paul | Date: Mon Jul 06, 2009 | Comments (2)
Category: Nineteenth Century, Bodybuilding
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