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Baby Olympics (and other ideas of Edwin Paget)

Retired professor Edwin Paget (1902-1989) decided that one of the problems with the world was that babies weren't exercising enough. Therefore, their brains started to go into decline. In an effort to correct this problem, he tried to organize what he claimed were the first ever "baby olympics" in the summer of 1980.

I'm not sure they were ever held, but events would have included "crawling, weightlifing, tug-of-war, 'head-over-heels rolling' and three aquatic events, including the 'leaping fish from the water' swim."

Paget advocated a number of other unusual ideas, such as periodic brain scans for U.S. presidents, to check that their brains had sufficient oxygen levels.

He believed that the rules of basketball should be revised so that the game would be played continuously, with all free throws shot at the end of the game.

And he also designed a line of women's clothing with built-in lighting, saying, "Unlike the bikini, which reveals almost everything, much of which is unattractive, lighting permits a homely girl to reveal only her best, possibly in color."

A former student of his remembers some of Paget's other oddball ideas here.

Twin Falls Times-News - Jun 19, 1980

Lincoln Journal Star - Dec 2, 1979

Auburn Journal - Aug 9, 1981

Bonus: Back in 1965 Paget campaigned to be the first gold prospector on the moon.

source: Historic Images

Amarillo Globe Times - Nov 3, 1965

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May 22, 2018

Birds of South Vietnam

It wasn't the subject of this book that made it weird, but instead when it was published: in 1968, at the height of the war in Vietnam. Not a time when a lot of people were going to Vietnam for bird-watching.

The British author, Philip Wildash, didn't even mention the war, except to obliquely refer to it in the first sentence by saying, "Vietnamese ornithology has long been rather neglected."

Amazon link: Birds of South Vietnam.

Minneapolis Star Tribune - Oct 6, 1968

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Ambush Perfume

Apparently, women who wore this perfume were inclined to hide behind vegetation--then presumably leap out upon their prey.

History and description of perfume here.

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May 21, 2018

The Manly Art of Knitting

Written by Dave Fougner and published in 1972. Recently back in print. Available from Amazon.

Dave Fougner is six-foot-two, plays tennis, raises horses and shows them, teaches fifth and sixth grades at Steele Lane School, has real estate and air plane pilot licenses, is married and has a family. His hobby? Knitting!... Dave, a big, genial, friendly man of 28 says, "I like to knit in bed watching television."

Jennifer, his blonde wife, and Christa, their three-year-old, sat in on the interview at the Fougner (pronounced foe-gner) home on Loch Haven Drive. Jennifer laughed and added, "I don't knit."

On a marble table near me (the couple also collects antique furniture, refinishing it when they have some free time) lay a copy of Dave's book, "The Manly Art of Knitting," a picture of him astride Jennifer's beautiful registered Palomino quarter horse, Fore's Dandy, on the cover. You have to look twice before you realize that he's knitting atop the horse...

"One reason I wrote the book was to encourage men to try knitting. There's a doctor in town who knits. It's amazing how many men do but are afraid to admit it..."

And knitting was primarily a man's job before the Industrial Revolution, he said. "Knitting was an art. An apprentice knitter served six years."

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat - Apr 8, 1973

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May 20, 2018

Bus Road Test

"Bus Tilter" is my new desired job.

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Ear Makeup

Apparently Candice Bergen got her start modeling "Dear Ear" — the first ever (and last ever?) line of ear makeup. She would have been 18 when she did these ads.

Called "Dear Ear," the makeup comes in two shades, pink and silver. It is painted onto the lobe or ear perimeter with a special styling brush.
For those who have little experience in painting ears, and that includes most of us, Maradel also includes a styling booklet which offers four ear-styling techniques.
-Miami News - Aug 16, 1964

Jackson Clarion-Ledger - Aug 4, 1964

Miami News - Aug 16, 1964

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The Eye Creatures

There is a series of videos on YouTube where the maker excerpts horror movies by deleting all shots of people! That's weird.

But of course, THE EYE CREATURES itself is plenty weird.

Wikipedia entry here.

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May 19, 2018

Vegetable Jell-O

Responding to the popularity of jello salads, General Foods introduced four vegetable flavors of jello in 1964: celery, seasoned tomato, mixed vegetable, and Italian salad.

But for some reason, although people liked jello salads, they didn't like vegetable-flavored jellos, and the flavors were soon discontinued.

Lubbock Avalanche Journal - July 9, 1964


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Tommy James, “I Am a Tangerine”

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