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April 2, 2010

Hot Stuff and Old Forky

As we observed in this prior post on Harvey Comics, the stories told about Richie Rich, Casper and the gang were frequently weirder than any Grant Morrison or Warren Ellis tale. Here's one from Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff, Volume 1, Number 6, May 1963, that illustrates my point. You can read the entire five-page story at the end, but I've included some single panels to make my points.

First, we learn that Cupid inhabits the same universe as Hot Stuff and friends. Nothing like mixing your mythologies up. In any case, Cupid hexes Hot Stuff's trident--or phallic symbol--known as "Old Forky," to become gay.

Gay anthropomorphic trident on display.

Unwanted Public Display of Affection.

Hot Stuff's gay trident attracts unwanted queer suitors.

Including a giant grape wearing an extremely fetching hair ribbon and spats.

But Cupid realizes his error and undoes his spell, whereupon all is "he-man" regular again. Even though Old Forky's first action upon reverting was to impale Hot Stuff's butt.

They just don't write 'em like this any more.





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April 1, 2010

No Baby?

A rather large oops took place at the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in November of 2008. A cesarean section was performed on a patient after several days of attempting to induce labor on her. The problem? She wasn't pregnant. Several days in the hospital, multiple attempts to induce labor, an epidural and the beginning of a c-section and there was no baby. Upon seeing a 'non-pregnant' uterus they closed her up. The woman was suffering from pseudocyesis or false pregnancy. This can be caused by psychological or hormonal problems. You'd think it would be simple to discover the fact that there was no baby by physical exam or an ultra sound. Since it took such an invasive procedure to come to the proper conclusion the State Medical Board launched an investigation. A year later the board took action, they fired off letters of concern to the doctors involved. Wow, glad to hear they took care of that!
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Every Child

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