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News of the Weird Live

I just found out (by accidentally stumbling upon it) that at one time you could have gone to see Chuck's column performed in a theater. The improv comedians Gavin Hawk and Ricky Wayne had a weekly show in which they acted out stories from News of the Weird.

Their show had its last performance in 2013, but below you can see what it was like.

A related example of the cultural influence of NOTW, posted by Paul a few years ago, is that Batman read Chuck's column.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Sun Jul 05, 2015 | Comments (1)
Category: Chuck

Batman Reads NOTW!

From this issue.

Posted By: Paul | Date: Mon May 06, 2013 | Comments (5)
Category: Crime, Weird Universe, Chuck, Comics

Happy Birthday, NOTW!!!


Modest Chuck posted this little message at the end of his current column this week. I say, break out the champagne and cake!
Posted By: Paul | Date: Sun Jan 06, 2013 | Comments (8)
Category: Anniversary, Weird Studies and Guides, Chuck

Syndicated Chuck


With Chuck temporarily away from WU, it's more imperative than ever to read his weekly column.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Sun Jul 29, 2012 | Comments (3)
Category: Weird Studies and Guides, Weird Universe, Chuck

Missing Post

Chuck and I have no idea yet of what happened to his missing post--but we're on the case!

Stay tuned!
Posted By: Paul | Date: Mon May 09, 2011 | Comments (1)
Category: Weird Universe, Chuck, Comments, Corrections

In the Rocker by the Hearthside

I'm home now from my trip to the West Coast for only twelve hours, but I made sure that my first task was to read the last week's worth of WU posts and comments. Unfortunately I don't have a second, in the face of various deadlines, to respond to every single great comment on the assorted FOLLIES OF THE MAD MEN posts. But rest assured that I enjoyed each one, and continue to be amazed at the sagacity and enthusiasm and wit of the WU family of readers and contributors.

As for Chuck and Alex, they did tremendous work taking up my slack, with dozens of really great posts. If I can single out one, it would be Alex's talking goats video, which confirms that the earlier image I posted of goat testicles was accurate.

And that's what we're all about: accuracy in weirdness.

Please have one more FOLLIES, following this post. Then, tomorrow, even more goodies!
Posted By: Paul | Date: Thu Sep 04, 2008 | Comments (2)
Category: Animals, Weird Universe, Alex, Chuck, Comments, Paul

It Takes a Weirdo to Know a Weirdo

Under the aegis of my pal, Gorgeous and Brilliant Editor Ann VanderMeer, the legendary magazine WEIRD TALES is entering a renaissance. But Ann & company surely haven't forgotten the past, as they've compiled a list of the 85 weirdest storytellers of the past 85 years, to celebrate the zine's long existence.

And perhaps you won't be entirely surprised to learn that our own Chuck Shepherd made their honor roll! Don't let that sunny, smiling countenance to the right trick you into imagining he's not the equal of Stephen King or Warren Zevon!

Way to go, Chuck! H. P. Lovecraft is beaming down on you from above. Or up at you from below. Or through the cracks of the spacetime continuum.
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