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The Duoscopic TV

In 1954, DuMont came out with a "Duoscopic" TV set that allowed two people to watch different programs on the same set, simultaneously. From Newsweek (Jan 11, 1954):

"When a husband wants to look at the fights and his wife prefers a situation comedy, the Duoscopic provides both at the same time. The set contains two screens and a special mirror that throws one picture onto the other, creating a double image. Polaroid windows filter out the unwanted image, and special earphones carry the separate sound tracks."

It was priced at $600. So in 2015 money, that would be approximately $5304 (according to the US Inflation Calculator). At that price tag, it made more sense for couples with different viewing preferences to just buy 2 TV sets and sit in separate rooms.

There's more info about the Duoscopic TV at the Early Television Museum. On that site, there's also speculation that DuMont originally developed the Duoscopic TV as a 3D TV, but decided they couldn't get that to work fully, so they repackaged it as a "watch 2 channels simultaneously" TV.

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Category: Technology, Television, 1950's

Television Set for the Differently Abled

Very forward-looking and thoughtful of Westinghouse to create a TV set that aided one-handed people. Of course, nowadays you only need one finger (on the remote) to tune!

Four-Screen TV


Original article here.

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Category: Television, Chindogu, 1970's, Europe

1956 Commercials:  7 minutes Total Per Hour Show

Now, that's weird! Especially when compared to double that amount today.
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Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Television, 2010's, 1950's

Pens for Men

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Category: Stereotypes and Cliches, Television, Tools, Advertising, 1950's, Men

Holmes & Yoyo

In the view of some: Worst. Show. Ever.

Wikipedia page here.

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Category: Ineptness, Crudity, Talentlessness, Kitsch, and Bad Art, Inventions, Robots, Television, 1970's

1950s Magnifying TV

How the heck did that magnification stunt work with 1950s technology? A lens sliding across the cathode-ray tube?
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Category: Technology, Television, 1950's

TV Set or Child?

The Williams family would have preferred a new TV set, but they got stuck with a kid instead. All because of the neighbors.

Source: Galesburg Register-Mail - Dec 28, 1959
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Category: Television, Babies and Toddlers, 1950's

Captain Z-Ro

Wikipedia page.
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Category: Television, Children, Science Fiction, 1950's

Tomorrow:  Television!

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Category: Technology, Television, 1940's, Yesterday's Tomorrows
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