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Johnny Jupiter

There's a bit of Jim Carrey to our hero Ernie.

Full story here.

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New Age Symphony Devoted to Scrooge McDuck

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Dimensions by Bernard Longpré, National Film Board of Canada

Ostensibly a primer in spatial awareness for kids, this drug-addled escapade is really an elaborate allegory for sexual tension. The geeky male's inability to physically connect with, mate with, or ultimately please the attractive female. Watch, and see if you don't agree.

xTREME Accounting

From the Associated Press:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A five-member team of students from Providence College has placed first in a national accounting competition.

The team came ahead of four others at the xTREME Accounting competition this month in New York City. The Providence College team is known as "The Consolidators" and includes one student from North Scituate, R.I., three from Massachusetts and one from New York.

Patrick Kelly, head of the accounting department, said the victory was like the college's basketball team winning the national championship.

The other schools competing were the University of California, Berkley; the University of Texas; the University of Washington; and Villanova University.

Providence College competed in the finals in 2009.

Go, Rhode Island! Brutal, bloody, pencil-to-pencil, spreadsheet-to-spreadsheet gridiron victory!
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Harmonica Popularity


Dad is still a dork.

Original ad here.
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Follies of the Mad Men #88

Promoting electricity consumption through the tale of a jailbait girl and a "book gook."
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A Little Light Weirdness – 8

A would be bank-robber in Austria was foiled in his robbery attempt when the bank closed early for a staff training session. The man came equipped with a Barack Obama mask and gun but was stopped at the first hurdle when the locked door refused to open for him. Staff inside initially thought it was part of the training or a joke, and their laughter aggravated the criminal until he eventually fled empty-handed (Digital Spy).

More successful were the thieves that managed to steal several US landmarks, including the Palace of Fine Arts, USS Pampanito and Ghirardelli Square. Models of course, part of an exhibition of Mark and Jannet Benz’s Lego creations on display at the Palo Alto Museum of American Heritage, and worth several thousand dollars. A reward of $500 has been offered by the Benzes (SF Weekly).

But if Jan and Mark are thinking of upping their home security, they should perhaps avoid following the example of Alexander Skopintsew of Primorye in Russia, who decided to deter intruders by planting homemade landmines around his garden. He was inevitably found out when a trespasser was injured when setting off one of these devices, and charged with possession of illegal weapons, receiving a suspended sentence (ABC News).

Of course another alternative might be to have nothing worth stealing. Perhaps something similar occurred to retired lorry driver Ken Strickland, who amassed a collection of over 3000 watering cans, each meticulously documented. Sadly Mr. Strickland died last month aged 78, bequeathing the entire assortment to his niece, who is at a loss as to what to do with them and may in fact sell them on behalf of a charity. One watering can however will not be up for sale, it contains her uncle's ashes (Metro).

Meanwhile hundreds of other women up and down the UK might be feeling a little let down this Monday, after British department store Debenhams recorded a 76% surge in sales of their range of “anatomy boosting” underwear for men ahead of Valentine’s day. Turn around is fair play, I say (Reuters).

More >>

Everything Happens to Me

Here's a real oddity: a song narrated by an unredeemable total loser, wimp and schlub--and he's Frank Sinatra! Could Beck and Radiohead have gotten their inspiration from this?
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The Nostrils Cannae Take It, Captain!

In the future, all people will smell this way! Well maybe not, but design house Genki Wear has launched three Star Trek themed scents for the trekkie who has everything, including B.O.

For the men there's a choice of Tiberius or Red Shirt. The former refers to the "T" of James T. Kirk, and presumably makes you smell like a womanising maverick. The latter an allusion to the numerous expendable extras from the original series; though why smelling like someone with a life expectancy of minutes is supposed to be a turn on is not explained. For the women there's Pon Farr, named for the stage of a Vulcan's life where their emotions come to the surface and they become both aggressive and sexually receptive. Fortunately for Earthwomen (and their partners) the pointy ears and domestic violence are optional, and staging fights to the death with gardening implements is not advised.

All three fragrances are available to buy from Genki Wear at $29.99 each.

(Images from social shopping network Kaboodle.)
Posted By: Dumbfounded | Date: Fri Aug 28, 2009 | Comments (10)
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