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Juicy Case

Mr. Adams dared to be different. All it got him was a divorce.

The Daily Standard (Sikeston, Missouri) — Sep 16, 1960

Juicy Case. In Cincinnati, Rita Adams was awarded a divorce because her husband Earl never talked to her, just did "odd things like squeezing a tomato in my face."
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Divorced because of comic books

I'm sure she was better off rid of that comic-book-reading weirdo.

Idaho State Journal - Oct 8, 1949

Wife Asks Divorce Because Hubby Reads Comic Books
SALT LAKE CITY — Mrs. Ida Thompson Thursday sued Henry G. Thompson for divorce because he "frequently bought comic books by the dozens and sat around and read them while refusing to help care for our baby."
In asking for a legal ending to their 16-month marriage, Mrs. Thompson requested custody of their infant child and possession of a table and chair set. Their only other possession, she said in her complaint, was a leather saddle which Thompson had bought with a loan. She said he could have the saddle.
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Category: Divorce, 1940's

Idleness, Profligacy, and Dissipation

San Bernardino County Sun - Apr 29, 1949

Marriage Fails After 64 Years; Divorce Sought
LOS ANGELES, April 28 — After 64 years of marriage, Mrs. Calogera Cassaro, 85, has decided she wants a divorce.
She sued today for dissolution of her bonds to 86-year-old Sebastian Cassaro and restraining order to keep him from molesting or threatening her.
Sebastian, she stated in her complaint, is able-bodied and she wants him to support her, but she claims that of late he has been living "in idleness, profligacy and dissipation."
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Category: Divorce, 1940's

Realized he was Jesus

Here at WU we've explored a number of odd reasons marriages have failed (such as the husband's over-fondness of horse fondling, and a man's dislike of his wife's deformed nipples).

Add to this list Alan John Miller, whose marriage didn't survive his realization that he was Jesus Christ, reincarnated. I can see how that might put a strain on a relationship.

Miller (aka Jesus) went on to found the Divine Truth ministry in Australia. He still claims to have been Jesus and says that he remembers many details of his past life, such as his crucifixion (says it wasn't that bad). However, he doesn't remember how to speak Aramaic.

He's also found a new life partner, Mary Luck, who coincidentally happens to be Mary Magdalene, reincarnated.

More info: Times Live

Mary Luck and Alan Miller (aka Mary Magdalene and Jesus)

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Category: Religion, Divorce

Fondles horse, but not his wife

I'm guessing the copy editor had fun coming up with this headline...

Portsmouth Daily Times - Jan 8, 1926

Fondles Horse, But Not His Wife—She Seeks a Divorce
TOLEDO, O. Jan. 8—(United Press)—A horse is named co-respondent in a divorce suit filed here by Mrs. Johanna Uller against Wolf Uller of Wyandotte, Mich.
"My husband pays more attention to his horse than he does... to his family," Mrs. Uller charged.
"He spends hours fondling the animal and shows no affection for me," she asserted.
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Category: Divorce, 1920's

The Case of the Allergic Bride

My latest article:

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Garlic Toast Divorce

Some people take their garlic toast very seriously.

Corpus Christi Times - Jan 15, 1957

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Category: Divorce, 1950's

Wife plugged in to alarm clock

Sounds to me like Anna Hindman had good cause for wanting to divorce her husband, namely a) his belief that 4 hours sleep is all anyone needs, and b) wiring her bed to shock her every 4 hours to prevent her from sleeping longer than that.

But according to the news reports, she eventually forgave him and withdrew her divorce petition — after he got rid of the "shocking machine." And it sounds like they remained married for the rest of their lives... if the Anna Hindman in this obituary is the same person (which it must be, because all the names/dates match up).

Anna Louise Hindman, 74, of Rogersville passed away Thursday, September 13, 2012 in Springfield. Anna was born on July 8, 1938 in Springfield to Eulan and Olive (Turner) Bussard. She was married to Michael J. Hindman on July 17, 1953 and he preceded her in death on December 15, 2004. She was an accomplished roller skater, both figure and racing and performed for President Truman. She had her pilots license and enjoyed flying and riding motorcycles with her husband.

Sources: Kansas City Times: Feb 27, 1960; Mar 10, 1960.
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Category: Husbands, Wives, Divorce, Marriage, 1960's

Deformed nipples as grounds for divorce

An Australian man has explained that when he discovered his wife had "deformed" nipples — which he only discovered two years after they got married in 1972 because it took that long before he saw her undressed — that was when he knew he wanted out of the marriage, but he stayed with her out of a sense of duty, and they proceeded to have 3 children together before finally separating in 2011. But for the sake of deciding how to divide up joint assets, he feels the marriage should be considered to have ended in 1974, at the moment of the nipple disfigurement discovery. The judge, however, didn't buy the argument. []
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Husband For Sale

1935: Mary Ann and Fred Cordes weren't doing too well with their marriage. But instead of just getting a divorce, like normal people, they (well, it was mostly Mary Ann's idea) hatched a plan to sell Fred for $1500 to any woman willing to buy him. Mary Ann hoped to use the money to travel to Ireland, her childhood home.

I don't know how their plan turned out. It's one of those stories that never got a follow-up in the press. But I can't imagine women were lining up to pay $1500 to acquire "all the rights" to a 40-year-old unemployed ice-cream maker.

Time - Aug 26, 1935

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle - Aug 14, 1935
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Category: Divorce, Marriage, 1930's
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