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A Cartoon Whose Meaning Time and the Evolution of English Have Rendered Somewhat Obscure


Familiarity with this usage explains things.

From Boy's Life for January 1967.
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Category: Comics, Bohemians, Beatniks, Hippies and Slackers, Hair Styling, 1960's

Space Age Hair Fashions

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Category: Hair Styling, 1960's

Beard Font

Created by Michael Allen. [via designboom]

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Category: Hair Styling

The Texas All-Girl Track Club, 1964

The Texas Track Club is celebrated on two counts—its athletic achievements and the uncommon beauty of its girls, who compete in dazzling uniforms, elaborate makeup and majestic hairdos. These hairdos, which are either bouffant or flip if at all possible, may not be aerodynamically sound and may be "out" east of the Hudson, but they are an unqualified sensation at a track meet. "They are our trademark," says Jeanne Ellison, the coach's 16-year-old daughter. "Bouffant is easier to run in because the wind doesn't blow your hair in your face."

Source: Sports Illustrated - Apr 20, 1964
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Category: Sports, Hair Styling, 1960's

à la Girafe

The Guardian offers an odd footnote to the history of fashion. In 1826, "Zarafa" became the first giraffe ever brought to France from Africa. She inspired a giraffe craze, becoming the subject of songs, instrumental music, poems, and music-hall sketches. Also: "Women began to truss up their hair à la Girafe and style themselves in giraffe-coloured dresses."

Sounds like it was the 19th century predecessor of the beehive.

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Category: Fashion, Hair Styling, Nineteenth Century

Where are our space helmets?

Here's another prediction of yesteryear that never panned out. Found in the Kingsport News - Apr 2, 1959:

J. McLaren Thomson, president of the National Hairdressers Federation, predicts that both men and women will have their hair short by 1999 so that they can wear space helmets. He said women will have a collection of wigs to wear with special dresses for gala occasions.

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Category: Space Travel, Hair Styling, Headgear, Yesterday's Tomorrows

Everything Changes

Make up your mind! Or not!
Posted By: Paul | Date: Tue Nov 06, 2012 | Comments (4)
Category: Costumes and Masks, Fashion, Hair Styling, Music, Performance Art, Parody

The Afro Chair

Do afros make you think of chairs? That's what they made Korean designer Yangsoo Pyo think of, inspiring him to create the "Afro Chair." He writes:

"Afro" is a chair that employed the image of the hair style "Afro Permanent hair." Springs are used to visualize the tangled and puffed up texture of the afro hair. The springs used to create the "Afro chair" are the two-ring binder springs used to bind together a notebook. The two-ring binders do not get tangled but rather wraps around each other.
Therefore, there is no danger of destroying women's stockings or knitwear. In fact the chair is very comfy. The manufacturing process of this chair begins with a simple iron frame. Then, the springs are used instead of the normal sponge and leather cover.

More >>
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Category: Furniture, Hair Styling, Hair and Hairstyling

Uncle Sam Toiletries

I suppose if the USA could fall for hokum like Crocodile Dundee, then Aussies could fall for this line of "American" products.

Burbank Beard

Vern Sion took home the prize in a beard contest judged May 21, 1951. I think he earned it.

(Found in the LA Examiner archive at
Posted By: Alex | Date: Wed Jun 06, 2012 | Comments (7)
Category: Fashion, Hair Styling, Facial Hair
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