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Wonder Woman Roller Skates



These are triple-distilled nightmare fuel. How could a kid enjoy skating with a baleful Wonder Woman glaring up at the wearer like Mad Max as hood ornament?

I can only hope that these toys are re-released in conjunction with BATMAN V SUPERMAN next year.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Wed Jun 03, 2015 | Comments (6)
Category: Horror, Toys, Superheroes, 1970's

Regrettable Superheroes


I have not seen a copy yet, but I am betting this book will be a winner, based on the description.

For every superhero hitting the big time with a blockbuster movie, there are countless failures, also-rans, and D-listers. The League of Regrettable Superheroes affectionately presents one hundred of the strangest superheroes ever to see print—from Atoman to Zippo—complete with backstories, vintage art, and colorful commentary.

Drawing on the entire history of the medium, the book celebrates characters that haven’t seen the light of day in decades, like Natureboy, Dr. Hormone, Thunder Bunny, and more. It’s a must-read for comics fans of all ages!

Until it appears in June, why not read an issue of DOLLMAN now.

Posted By: Paul | Date: Thu Apr 23, 2015 | Comments (6)
Category: Ineptness, Crudity, Talentlessness, Kitsch, and Bad Art, Comics, Superheroes, Twentieth Century

Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg: “Comic Strip”

Guardians of the Galaxy was great. But I'd pay twice as much to see a feature-length version of this.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Wed Aug 20, 2014 | Comments (8)
Category: Comics, Sex Symbols, Superheroes, 1960's, Europe

Italian Spiderman

A deliberate parody from 2007, which removes a little of the weirdness factor, but still pretty weird.

Full movie--under forty minutes--below.

Posted By: Paul | Date: Sat Feb 08, 2014 | Comments (1)
Category: Superheroes, Parody, Europe

Red Seal Comics


Look at the characters featured in this single issue, and ask yourself if this is not the best comic in the history of the universe.

Read the whole issue here.

image image

image image



Superman Invents 3-D Printing!

image image

From 1964! Click the right-hand image to enlarge.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Wed Jul 03, 2013 | Comments (2)
Category: Technology, Comics, Superheroes, 1960's

Madame X

From the review in VARIETY:

Fabulous is the only word to describe "Madame X," a candy-colored, fast-paced tale of a pre-op transsexual superhero from Indonesia who fights intolerance.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Sun Mar 03, 2013 | Comments (3)
Category: Movies, Superheroes, Gender-bending, Asia

The A To Z Of Awesomeness!

British comic book artist Neill Cameron has been posting one letter a day of sheer awesomeness, based on suggestions from fans. Now the alphabet is complete everyone can view such wonders as "Aztecs in Atomic Armour Attacking Anomalous Amphibians" and "Doctor Who Defeating Doctor Doom in a Deadly Disco Dance-off" for themselves.

So if you've ever longed to see Lois Lane, Lana Lang and Lori Lemaris lasciviously licking lollipops at a London landmark, why not have a look-see at Neill's A to Z of Awesomeness. You'll love it!

Posted By: Dumbfounded | Date: Thu Mar 25, 2010 | Comments (4)
Category: Art, Comics, Surrealism, Pop Culture, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Superheroes
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