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Remco Land-Mine

Toy land-mines have definitely gone out of fashion. Hakes Collectibles explains that the toy was "designed with a trip wire which you were to attach to tree or other stationary object and when wire was bumped, grenade would shoot in the air and cap would fire on base." Also, the toy was "similar to actual weapons used in the Vietnam war."

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You've heard the phrase 'don't take a knife to a gun fight', well, with this weapon you would never have the wrong thing at hand.
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Baseball caps as weapons

Baseball caps may not seem like dangerous weapons, but several caps are available for purchase that advertise their potential for combat.

The BudK Night Watchman Sap Cap Extreme contains "a pocket of unique impact material that is 100% the density of lead and which is sewn into the cap." So you take off the cap and smash someone over the head with it.

The FAB DEFENSE "GOTCHA" Cap has a ninja weapon hidden inside it so that you will "never be caught empty handed."

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Tsunami Bomb

Back in 1947, there was a lot of speculation in the press about a new secret weapon that was supposed to be as "awesome in its effects as the atomic bomb." Turns out the weapon that was the source of the rumors was the Tsunami Bomb -- a device for creating artificial tsunamis to wipe out enemy forces on land.

The Mexico Ledger (Mexico, Missouri) - June 16, 1947

Wikipedia has a brief article about the Tsunami Bomb, but otherwise there's not a lot of info about it online.

Other mad WWII weapons projects posted about here on WU include the Bat Bomb and the Volcano Bomb.
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Operation Ranger and Operation Buster-Jangle

What a crazy old world that was. "Mutually Assured Destruction." But we just thought it was normal at the time.
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The Bullet Knife


Don't bring a bullet-knife to a gun fight. Or a knife fight. Or to any fight, really. It's just plain dumb.

Original ad here.
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Category: 1910's, Weapons

Toy Hand Grenade


"I'm deeply sorry, Mrs Jones, but the SWAT team had no way of knowing little Tommy wasn't holding a real grenade before they opened fire."

Original ad here.

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How to Use Jiu-Jitsu

Or, from the looks of it, how to use the book itself as a weapon. Prices on Amazon for this 1944 publication range from $24 to $80. So it may be useful info, but it ain't cheap.

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