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Ri Molnar - Hell Is Real at Transmodern Labbodies

Caution: bare bazooms. But it is art. And after viewing, you will agree that "Hell is real."



Full story here.
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Follies of the Madmen #271


Female sexuality illustrated.

Original ad here.
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The Tick Tock Man

Sankey Flynn (1918-2001) had an unusual condition. His ears made a ticking sound, about twice every second, which earned him the nickname "Tick Tock." The noise was so loud that other people could easily hear it. It was caused by a "spasmodic contraction of muscles in the roof of his mouth." He never tried to find a cure for his condition because he said he was used to it.

I wonder how the TSA would have reacted to him.

The Waynesville Mountaineer - June 1, 1950

Somerset Daily American - Feb 26, 1951

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The Tallest Man

Perhaps you would like to spend some time at The Tallest Man website, which is devoted to giants and giantesses. As a teaser, below are the male and female recordholders from the historical archives.




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Mao’s Crystal Coffin

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Float Nation

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Brains and Bust Size — one medical opinion

Back in 1964, Dr. Erwin O. Strassmann of Houston kicked up a controversy by suggesting there was a correlation in women between bust size and I.Q. And he managed to get his opinion published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Kingsport Times-News - Aug 30, 1964

Curious to see exactly what he said, I tracked down his article. Turns out he was an enthusiastic follower of the now-discredited theory of "constitutional psychology." This was an effort to establish a link between body type and personality traits. Critics have dismissed it as an extended exercise in dressing up cultural stereotypes (such as, if you're overweight, you're lazy) in scientific language. For devotees of weird science, the entire field is a goldmine of strangeness.

Here's the relevant section of Strassmann's 1964 article:

Strassmann, E.O. (1964). "Physique, Temperament, and Intelligence in Infertile Women." International Journal of Fertility. 9:297-314.
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Category: Body, Brain, Science, Psychology, 1960's
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