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Love trapped


A man who died after having sex with a prostitute ended up trapped inside of her. They had to be taken to the hospital to be "de-coupled"

Posted By: BrokeDad | Date: Sat Feb 06, 2016 | Comments (6)
Category: Accidents, Love and Romance, Public Humiliation, Sexuality

Porn, Accidentally Shown

There was a recent case in which some x-rated material was accidentally shown during a funeral for a father and son. This got me interested in similar cases where this has happened. So I dug into the archives and came up with a list of incidents, stretching back some fifty years, involving porn, accidentally shown.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Wed Feb 03, 2016 | Comments (6)
Category: Accidents, Public Indecency

Bus Driver Asks Kids If He Should Hit Dog, Then Does

January 1994: A school bus driver in Port Washington, Wisconsin insisted he was only joking when he shouted out "Should I hit the dog?" seconds before he hit a dog on the road. The animal belonged to two of the children on the bus. It often came up to the road to meet them. The driver, who later resigned, blamed the accident on icy conditions.

The Journal Times - Feb 4, 1994

Posted By: Alex | Date: Wed Feb 03, 2016 | Comments (2)
Category: Accidents, Animals, Dogs, 1990's

Fire Alibi

This has to be one of the worst excuses ever.

The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) — Mar 2, 1955

Posted By: Alex | Date: Sun Jan 03, 2016 | Comments (8)
Category: Accidents, 1950's

Death By Condom Machine

Three men decided to boost a condom machine and blow it open to get at the condoms, and presumably, the money inside. They set up the blast and ran to their vehicle for cover. Unfortunately the last guy in the car did not get his door shut in time and was struck in the head by a piece of the machine when it blew up. He later died at the hospital, Darwin Award.
Posted By: patty | Date: Mon Dec 28, 2015 | Comments (15)
Category: Accidents, Goofs and Screw-ups, Crime, Stupid Criminals, Death

The All New Ford Informer

A woman who left the scene after she rear ended someone got turned in by her Ford vehicle via the automated emergency assistance system. When contacted by the dispatcher she tried to deny the accident but when police came out the car gave her away, again, due to all the damage.
Posted By: patty | Date: Sat Dec 05, 2015 | Comments (9)
Category: Accidents, Goofs and Screw-ups, Technology

Life (Death) Hack

British lady tried out a life hack she read about on Facebook with unfortunate results.The suggestion was to lay the toaster on its side to make cheese on toast instead of grilling it. The idea back fired nearly destroying her kitchen before fire fighters arrived to put out the blaze. Life Hack: Using a toaster on its side to make cheese toast. Result: Epic Fail!
Posted By: patty | Date: Mon Nov 23, 2015 | Comments (2)
Category: Accidents, Goofs and Screw-ups, Food

Flying Cows

When I started researching my latest article, I figured that most of the alleged cases of people hit by flying cows were probably urban legends. But now I've concluded that, although there is one famous flying-cow urban legend (involving a Japanese fishing boat being sunk by a cow falling out of the sky), people actually do get hit by flying cows pretty regularly.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Thu Nov 19, 2015 | Comments (5)
Category: Accidents, Animals, Alex

The Hambone Award

Nationwide Insurance has created the "Hambone Award" which, for the past five years, it's been giving to the most unusual pet insurance claim of the year. It seems to be like a Darwin Awards for animals, except they only give awards to animals that recover from their mishaps, not the ones that die. (Are Darwin Awards given to animals? I'm not sure.)

The Hambone Award was named after a "dog that got stuck in a refrigerator and ate an entire Thanksgiving ham while waiting for someone to find him."

The most recent winner is Curtis, a 5-year-old Boxer, who ate an entire BBQ skewer during a birthday party. He was rushed to the hospital, but doctors couldn't find the skewer. It was only a year later, when he was taken back to the doctor because he still wasn't feeling well, that surgeons found the skewer, which had become a "baseball-sized mass" encapsulated by the body, located between the dog's stomach and pancreas.
Posted By: Alex | Date: Mon Nov 16, 2015 | Comments (1)
Category: Accidents, Animals, Awards, Prizes, Competitions and Contests


Mom of the year saw a spider on her shoulder so she jumped out of her moving car (yes she was driving) with her 9 year old son in the back seat. The boy climbed over the seat and tried to get the vehicle stopped. Unfortunately he hit the gas by mistake and rammed a school bus.
Posted By: patty | Date: Mon Sep 21, 2015 | Comments (3)
Category: Accidents, Goofs and Screw-ups, Insects, Can't Possibly Be True
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