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Kayser the Spy


The Reverend Kayser sounds like a real piece of work. German propagandist, adulterer, real-estate conman, and possible saboteur. A man accumulates a lot of possible murderers with that resume.

Bonus points for being named "Kayser" during World War I.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Thu Aug 23, 2012 | Comments (7)
Category: Death, Real Estate, Religion, Sexuality, War, Weird Names, 1910's

Buy Your Own Piece of Armageddon

Be the envy of every other survivalist and have your own converted cold-war Atlas-F missile silo home! You too can live in complete cold war safety and luxury. The converted missile launch site is marketed as a getaway, luxury home, and in my opinion is every survivalist’s dream. The property includes its own private runway, 2000 square foot luxury home above ground with master suite, a private airstrip, and a hangar/garage. Below ground, past the 2000 lb. blast doors and three feet of reinforced concrete built to withstand brutal missile assaults lies two additional stories of space in the converted control room where you will find two additional suites with luxury marble Jacuzzi baths and an escape hatch to your private hangar.

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The Lunar Federation

Want to "buy property" on the Moon or Mars? The folks at the Lunar Federation will happily separate you from your cash.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Mon Dec 22, 2008 | Comments (5)
Category: Frauds, Cons and Scams, Real Estate, Space Travel

Cemeteries in Parking Lots

Roadside Resort offers a collection of cemeteries located in parking lots: patches of grass in seas of asphalt. I believe in every case the cemetery predates the parking lot. The graves simply had the misfortune of being surrounded by strip malls.
Posted By: Alex | Date: Mon Dec 15, 2008 | Comments (3)
Category: Death, Real Estate
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