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Emergency Bra

Following up on Paul's recent post about "emergency bra construction" (how to make a bra from two handkerchiefs), here's a different kind of emergency bra. It's a bra that doubles as a face mask:

The Emergency Bra's primary function is that of a conventional bra. In case of emergency, it can be quickly and easily converted into two face masks without removing any clothes. In case of emergency, where no specialized respiratory devices are available, it can decrease the inhalation of harmful airborne particles. Because the Emergency Bra masks can be securely fixed to the head, it frees a survivor’s hands to keep balance while running and removing objects on the way out of danger. In certain situations, by providing the wearer with a sense of security and protection, the Emergency Bra can reduce the chance of panic attack.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Sat Feb 08, 2014 | Comments (8)
Category: Fashion, Underwear

That Formfit Feeling

What exactly is she feeling? Insanity? Hysteria? [source: Life - Aug 22, 1960]

And here she looks like a vampire craning its neck back, about to bite a victim. [source:]

Posted By: Alex | Date: Sat Feb 01, 2014 | Comments (8)
Category: Advertising, Underwear, 1960's

Emergency Bra Construction

Posted By: Paul | Date: Mon Jan 06, 2014 | Comments (4)
Category: Hobbies and DIY, Underwear, 1920's, Breasts

Follies of the Madmen #214


"Beautiful bras, artfully designed to uphold the loveliness of little girls, just starting their ABCs."

Wha--? Don't you learn your ABCs in kindergarten or earlier? That's a little early even for "training bras," I think.

Original ad here.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Tue Dec 24, 2013 | Comments (8)
Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Children, Underwear, 1950's, Breasts

Magneto-Conservative Garments

Advertised in the Los Angeles Herald and elsewhere, late 19th and early 20th centuries:

Posted By: Alex | Date: Fri Nov 22, 2013 | Comments (5)
Category: Fashion, Underwear, Medicine, Nineteenth Century

Jockey—They Keep Their Fit

In 1955, Jockey Briefs ran an ad campaign featuring young boys shoving guns into their underwear. The image on the left is via, who says that it ran in Woman's Home Companion; the one on the right is from eBay.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Sun Oct 13, 2013 | Comments (9)
Category: Guns, Advertising, Underwear

Underwear Art

Fine arts student David Woodward was invited to display his art at a Queen's University campus event. But when he showed up on the morning of the event and started setting up his piece called "All I Am Is What I've Felt," the event organizers told him the work was "inappropriate" and "not nice to look at" and asked him to remove it, which he reluctantly did. The piece consisted of ten pairs of embroidered underwear hanging on the wall.

Woodward is upset that he was booted out of the event. He says he wasn't trying to shock anyone. He insists that, "I brought what I felt was my best work at the time." He's surely telling the truth because the hanging underwear was also his final thesis project at the university. []
Posted By: Alex | Date: Wed Jun 05, 2013 | Comments (8)
Category: Art, Underwear

Snowballs for Men

Joshua Shoemake is trying to raise money in order to fund his dream of cooling men's private parts. If he raises $20,000 by April 4 he's in business, but he's still got a long way to go.

Which is to say, he's got a kickstarter campaign to fund his idea of manufacturing "Snowballs: Cooling Underwear for Conceiving Men." Apparently, if a guy is trying to get a girl pregnant, his fertility increases if his dangly bits are slightly chilled.

Wasn't there an episode of Cheers where Sam wore frozen underwear to boost his fertility?
Posted By: Alex | Date: Sat Mar 09, 2013 | Comments (4)
Category: Underwear, Genitals

Follies of the Madmen #201


The message here? Sloppy panties imperil the elderly and the nation's health care policies.

Original ad here.

Posted By: Paul | Date: Fri Mar 01, 2013 | Comments (8)
Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Elderly, Underwear, 1940's

Follies of the Madmen #198

Sloggis? Really? Isn't that the worst name for briefs?

Still in business, so it must work, I guess.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Thu Feb 07, 2013 | Comments (7)
Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Weird Names, Underwear, 1980's
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