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John and Mary Newlywed


In 1925 and 1926, Popular Science featured the antics of "John and Mary Newlywed," a young married couple so stupid they did everything wrong around the house. In the instance above from March 1926, John and Mary--despite having perfected anti-gravity as attested to by the unsupported car--are about to blow themselves up and smother themselves with gas fumes.

I regret the Newlyweds did not have a longer run. They would have been the Gallant-less Goofuses of the hobbyist set.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Thu Sep 11, 2014 | Comments (20)
Category: Husbands, Wives, 1920's, Goofs and Screw-ups

Is Space Travel Covered?

Russia sent 5 geckos, amongst other small creatures, to space in order to study the animals sex habits in zero gravity. The satellite was recently brought back and the geckos were all dead, possibly due to freezing. Ok, first, if you are studying sexual activity why send an odd number of participants. Second, who did not know it is too cold for geckos in space? Yeah, yeah, they knew, but they sure didn't prepare for it sufficiently. Thirdly, were they insured by Geico??
Posted By: patty | Date: Mon Sep 01, 2014 | Comments (7)
Category: Animals, Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy, Goofs and Screw-ups

Bite The Hand That Eats You

A chef was killed by a bite from the disembodied head of an Indonesian spitting cobra. He had decapitated it 20 minutes earlier in preparation of a local dish. They say not to bite the hand that feeds you, the hand that eats you is another thing apparently.
Posted By: patty | Date: Sun Aug 24, 2014 | Comments (3)
Category: Death, Freaks, Oddities, Quirks of Nature, Restaurants, Screwups, Goofs and Screw-ups


Runaway by Cordell Barker, National Film Board of Canada

Posted By: Paul | Date: Tue Jun 17, 2014 | Comments (6)
Category: Animals, Cartoons, Goofs and Screw-ups, Trains

And You Think Your Kid Is Expensive

Man loses $80,000 age discrimination settlement due to daughter's snarky Facebook post. Bet she doesn't go to Europe now!
Posted By: patty | Date: Mon Mar 03, 2014 | Comments (9)
Category: Goofs and Screw-ups


WHO R8X, how would you read that on a license plate? One Missouri woman felt it was degrading to drive around with the plate which she read as 'whore times eight'. She found it even more insulting with the state motto above it 'The show me state'. Miossouri DMV disagreed and said she would have to pay for a replacement plate until a local TV station got involved. I wonder what her new plate says.
Posted By: patty | Date: Tue Nov 26, 2013 | Comments (12)
Category: Goofs and Screw-ups

Junk Mail

Several Japanese pornographers put themselves out of business by mailing out their catalogs of illegal porn a bit too randomly. The Osaka Chief of police received 3 catalogs which resulted in a raid and six arrests. Perhaps they should compile a mailing list for future use.
Posted By: patty | Date: Sun Sep 29, 2013 | Comments (3)
Category: Goofs and Screw-ups

Robbery Fail

image image
They don't mess around with armed robbers in Virginia. The 'victims' held on to the robbers till the police arrived.
Posted By: patty | Date: Wed Sep 04, 2013 | Comments (9)
Category: Goofs and Screw-ups

Million-to-one mix-up

Occasionally I find myself trying to get into the wrong car in parking lots, because I don't bother to look that closely at the car. If it's the same color and shape as mine, and parked in the same general location, I assume it's mine. But that's not always true. I realize my mistake when the key doesn't fit.

Back in 1985, a case like this occurred. A couple tried to get into a car in a shopping mall parking lot that was the same make, model, and color as their own. But it turned out that the cars had identical keys as well. So they got into the car and drove away. They only realized the mix-up when they noticed that the stuff inside the car wasn't theirs. When they drove back to recover their own car, they found out that the owner of the other car also had the same last name as them. And finally, this all happened on April Fool's Day, but I'm trusting that it happened as reported, since the news report appeared after April 1st. [Bangor Daily News - Apr 3, 1985]

Posted By: Alex | Date: Wed Jun 12, 2013 | Comments (16)
Category: 1980's, Goofs and Screw-ups, Cars

They Don’t Write Headlines Like That Anymore

Posted By: Paul | Date: Fri Dec 21, 2012 | Comments (5)
Category: Journalism, Goofs and Screw-ups
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