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Hoped brain would prove his innocence

1913: Charles Gilbert, imprisoned for 48 years for the murder of a bounty officer, was so determined to prove his innocence that he requested that his brain be examined after his death — believing that "the investigation would corroborate his claim of innocence by revealing that such a brain as his could not have conceived or exercised the Caldwell murder."

Scientists at Yale Medical School complied with his wish and examined his brain. However, I've not yet been able to find any report of their findings.

Sources: Leavenworth Times (Oct 18, 1913); Lincoln Star (Oct 14, 1913)

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Insured his brain

1957: Lloyd McManus, president of the Southern Iron and Metal company, insured his brain for $100,000, noting that, "I make my living with my brain."

The inevitable jokes followed in the media: A penny for his thoughts, what happens if he has a brainstorm, etc...

The Bridgeport Telegram — Jan 17, 1957

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Do You See It?

Do you see an image of a person, place or thing on this brain scan? If so what do you see? If not tell that too. No cheating, only go to the link after you tell us what you see if you see anything at all.
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Category: Ambiguity, Uncertainty and Deliberate Obscurity, Medicine, Brain

Brains and Bust Size — one medical opinion

Back in 1964, Dr. Erwin O. Strassmann of Houston kicked up a controversy by suggesting there was a correlation in women between bust size and I.Q. And he managed to get his opinion published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Kingsport Times-News - Aug 30, 1964

Curious to see exactly what he said, I tracked down his article. Turns out he was an enthusiastic follower of the now-discredited theory of "constitutional psychology." This was an effort to establish a link between body type and personality traits. Critics have dismissed it as an extended exercise in dressing up cultural stereotypes (such as, if you're overweight, you're lazy) in scientific language. For devotees of weird science, the entire field is a goldmine of strangeness.

Here's the relevant section of Strassmann's 1964 article:

Strassmann, E.O. (1964). "Physique, Temperament, and Intelligence in Infertile Women." International Journal of Fertility. 9:297-314.
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Yet Another Reason To Legalize

Marijuana has long been known to be an effective glaucoma treatment. It also helps cancer and AIDS patients by increasing appetite and decreasing nausea. Now a recent study indicates pot may be useful in treating some brain tumors. Unfortunately, some people wouldn't be in favor of legalization even if it cured cancer, and now it just might.
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Early Brain Surgery

[Click to enlarge]

Given the state of medical science in 1911, this purported good result seems like sheer luck!

Original article here.
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Category: Delusions, Fantasies and Other Tricks of the Imagination, Surgery, 1910's, Brain

The God Helmet

Wikipedia info here.

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Category: Inventions, Religion, Technology, Brain

Religious Brain

The cortexes in the brains of religious people are thicker than those in non believers. The Columbia University study claims that this effect protects against depression as well. God's will or placebo effect? I guess your answer would depend on the thickness of your cortex.
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Left or Right

Take a test to determine which side of your brain is dominant, here. Also some insights on how this supposedly effects personality. Do you agree or disagree with your results? Share in extended.
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Brains and Bacon

I like bacon, but I think I'll take a pass on this. (via yuckylicious)

Posted By: Alex | Date: Sat Sep 07, 2013 | Comments (13)
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