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Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica

This bandleader has devoted himself to re-creating the Space Age Bachelor Pad Music of Esquivel. Read about the demented and dedicated fellow here.

The sound in the second clip is a little off, but you'll get the idea. Listen to better samples at the Amazon link.

The Hut Sut Song

An explanation from the obituary of the composer:

A native of Towner, N.D., Leo Killion grew up in Minneapolis, where he heard Swedish folk songs that he later spoofed in nonsense lyrics. Written in 1939 by Killion, Ted McMichael and Jack Owens, "The Hut Sut Song" was recorded and popularized by the Freddy Martin Orchestra and the Horace Heidt Orchestra. It was sung by the Merry Macs in the 1941 movie "San Antonio Rose." More than a decade later, it was featured in the landmark World War II film "From Here to Eternity." Sung by such Swing Era and wartime favorites as Dinah Shore and the Andrews Sisters, the song included such lyrics as "Hut Sut Rawlson on the rillerah and brawla, brawla sooit."
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Category: Jabberwocky, Scat Singing, Nonsense Verse and Glossolalia, Music, 1930's
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