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Midwest Divisions Friday Feast

Midwest Division Friday Feast; May 29, 2009

My apologies to all, for I have not posted the Feast in a while. Life gets in the way of Blogging sometimes. C’est la vie.

Man Arrested For Mowing Lawn; Sandusky, OH: An Ohio man was arrested for obstruction after he refused to stop mowing the lawn at a local park. Apparently the city has not had enough money to maintain the park, and this man took the matter into his own hands. Chicago Tribune via AP

Rare US Flag found in Milwaukee School; Milwaukee, WI: A recent fire to the steeple at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 school in Milwaukee led to the discovery of a US flag from 1897 with only 45 stars. Chicago Tribune via AP

;KFC Sponsors Potholes Louisville, KY: A month ago KFC proposed to help the nation’s cities out by sponsoring pothole repairs and leaving a stencil on the patch informing everybody that this is a KFC repaired pothole. The Headcandy Blog offers more ideas for corporate sponsorship. Chicago Tribune

Facebook Photo Gets Man Arrested; Dane County, WI: When Cody Redenius’ ex-girlfriend saw a photo of him on Facebook holding a shotgun, she notified police. Redenius had previously had an injunction filed against him for domestic abuse which included a provision that he cannot possess firearms. When police went to his home, Redenius turned over his loaded shotgun. The Capital Times

College Sues Porn Site Over Name; Sioux Falls, SD: The National American University (NAU) is suing a pornography site for its use of the name and acronym: Naughty American University (NAU). SFW via AP

Alleged IRS Elevator Urinator; Detroit, MI: Using surveillance cameras Michael Hicks was caught urinating in the IRS’ freight elevator at their data center in Detroit. He admitted to urinating in the elevator for months, causing near $5,000 dollars in damage. (editorial comment: I believe this guy deserves a medal.) via AP via AP
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Midwest Division’s Friday Feast:  May, 15 2009

Teacher Fights Graffiti with English Lesson; Milwaukee, Wisc
Responding to the tagger’s query of “Where da bitches at?” teacher Beth Biskobing at South Milwaukee High School posted a bright red 8 ½ x 11 response including “The use of the verb are allows you to write a COMPLETE SENTENCE. (Without it, you have a fragment, of course - missing the predicate of the sentence. The subject is dogs.)” she wrote. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Liquor Thief Leaves Enters Raffle, Loses; Hartford, Wisc

Upon leaving the liquor store the thief, Sean M. Piering, had shoved the liquor bottle in his pants and then filled out a raffle ticket complete with his name and address. He was found at his home drunk and turned over the store’s missing bottles. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Burning Stupidity; Wheeling Ill
A man in Wheeling, Illinois was cited for “open burning.” He was burning construction debris at a construction site only ten feet from a truck with an external fuel tank. Chicago Tribune

3,000 Gather for Shiny New Lincoln Pennies; Lincoln Ind
An estimated 3,000 people (presumably numismatists and Lincoln fans) showed up at Lincoln State Park in Lincoln, Indiana to get rolls of pennies with a picture of Lincoln reading a book while taking a break from rail splitting on the back. The penny is to commemorate the 14 years Lincoln spent living in a frontier town in Indiana. Indy Star

Hammer Vs. Screwdriver Fight Ends in Ear Biting; Kenosha, WI

Kenosha Police arrested Antoine K. Parks after an argument escalated into a fight and ended in a Tyson-style ear biting. The victim alleges that Antoine came after him with a hammer and he picked up a screwdriver in response. In the struggle, it is alleged, that Antoine bit off part of the mans ear. Mayhem charges are pending. Kenosha News

Ex Gov. Blago Shampoo: It’s Bleep’n Golden; Elk Grove Village, Ill
A new product available from makers in Elk Grove Village, Ill: Blago shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is advertised as “volumizing for really big hair” and “it’s bleep’n golden!” Editorial Comment: I think this is the way to go if you want hair that looks like a Lego man. Blago Hair Blalegovich
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Category: Midwest Divisions Friday Feast
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