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Ruminating Physicians

Rumination is the practice of bringing food back up from the stomach after it's been swallowed, rechewing it, and then swallowing it again. When cows do this, it's called "chewing the cud." When humans do it habitually, it's considered to be an eating disorder. The Wikipedia article on Rumination Syndrome tells us:

The disorder has been historically documented as affecting only infants, young children, and people with cognitive disabilities (where the prevalence is as high as 10% in institutionalized patients with various mental disabilities). Today it is being diagnosed in increasing numbers of otherwise healthy adolescents and adults, though there is a lack of awareness of the condition by doctors, patients and the general public.

But in an article by Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Leo Kanner, "Historical Notes on Rumination in Man" (Medical Life, 45, 1936) we learn a strange factoid. Kanner writes:

It is, indeed, a curious fact that not less than fourteen physicians are known to have been habitual ruminators. This is especially interesting in the light of the statistical evidence of the extreme rarity of this condition.

Kanner's list of ruminating physicians begins with a 17th century medical student who reported that rumination was "sweeter than honey and accompanied by a more delightful relish." The most famous name on the list is the 19th century French physician Edouard Brown-Séquard who developed a rumination problem after conducting a series of self-experiments in which he repeatedly swallowed a sponge and tried to vomit it back up.

Kanner's list was written in 1936, so it's possible there are now more ruminating physicians that could be added to it. Why physicians would ruminate in greater number than members of other professions, I have no idea.
Posted By: Alex | Date: Thu Dec 16, 2010 | Comments (9)
Category: Food, Medicine, Science, Stomach

Follies of the Mad Men #129

Doesn't everyone learn to read off cereal boxes?
Posted By: Paul | Date: Fri Dec 10, 2010 | Comments (3)
Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Education, Food, 1950's

Now That’s Sushi

Sorry for posting another video from the same people so soon, but I couldn't resist. I can understand how a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig might not be appetizing to many people, but I think everyone can enjoy this video. It answers the age old question, "What if I made Sushi with bacon instead of seaweed?" Enjoy.

Posted By: Salamander Sam | Date: Tue Dec 07, 2010 | Comments (7)
Category: Food, Bacon, Junk Food, Video, Eating

A Song to Meat

Continuing the WU focus on animal proteins.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Fri Dec 03, 2010 | Comments (8)
Category: Food, Music, Performance Art

Turduckens Are So 2005

Ladies, gentlemen, WUvians, I bring you the food of the gods. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say there is bacon involved.

Be sure to check out their other videos, which always include lots of overkill and plenty of bacon.

Carving Magic

The hidden subtext in the opening minutes of this instructional video? These two erotically bickering couples are going to indulge in a wife-swapping orgy as soon as they finish carving.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!
Posted By: Paul | Date: Wed Nov 24, 2010 | Comments (4)
Category: Food, PSA's, Sexuality

Two Words: Bacon Tree

This video is humorous, but I don't think it would normally be considered Weird Universe material. However, knowing how we all feel about bacon, I couldn't resist posting it here.

By the way, I noticed there wasn't a Bacon category, so I took the liberty of adding one.
Posted By: Salamander Sam | Date: Wed Nov 17, 2010 | Comments (5)
Category: Food, Bacon, Video, Surrealism, Fantasy, Cartoons, Parody, Eating

Follies of the Mad Men #125

1) Our food product is so dense and indestructible that it can serve in place of a football.

2) It is not sold on merits of taste, but simply as a "bulking-up" agent.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Fri Nov 12, 2010 | Comments (2)
Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Food, Sports, 1960's

The Six Jumping Jacks

Apparently, these guys really liked to eat.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Wed Nov 10, 2010 | Comments (3)
Category: Food, Humor, Music, 1920's

The Single Greatest Commercial of all Eternity

I don't know the back story behind this, but Burger King does have some of the strangest commercials on television so I'll assume it is real. I don't know what I like more, the brainmeltingly weird plot or the amazing background music, but somehow this commercial is pure genius. Now if only there were a Burger King nearby...

Posted By: Salamander Sam | Date: Sun Nov 07, 2010 | Comments (7)
Category: Food, Restaurants, Advertising, Surrealism
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