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La Bruja

I regret that I cannot find a subtitled-in-English version of this Mexican film, where a mad scientist creates a formula that turns an extremely ugly woman into a beauty, as in the before-and-after pix below. But those of you who know Spanish--or who just want visuals--can enjoy the full movie.



The Strange Change Machine

You know, why isn't "mad scientist" an encouraged career path for kids anymore, like it was in the 1960s? I think the foreclosure of this option says a lot about our joyless and grim culture.
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Tom Edison Jr.‘s Electric Mule


This cover could hardly be improved upon for macabre glee and impartial offensiveness.

Read the story here.

The Incredible Dr. Steel

I suspect that Dr. Steel, Big Jim and Big Jeff were just showing off for each other prior to a gay orgy of epic proportions.

And by the way: what parent would buy this toy based on the incredibly primitive drawing in the newspaper ad below? And why are the Doc's pants photorealistic, and the rest of him just like a stick figure?

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Red Seal Comics


Look at the characters featured in this single issue, and ask yourself if this is not the best comic in the history of the universe.

Read the whole issue here.

image image

image image



Volcano Warfare


Would unleashing volcanoes on 1944 Japan have been more merciful than using atomic bombs? I guess we'll never know.

And would today's "bunker-buster" bombs be even more capable of this mad scientist mission, in the country of some current enemy?

Original article here.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Sun Feb 05, 2012 | Comments (9)
Category: Mad Scientists, Evil Geniuses, Insane Villains, War, Weapons, 1940's, Asia

Herb Bartlett

[Click above image to enlarge]


Let us all hail the great American tradition of amateur inventors, personified today by the forgotten Herb Bartlett, whose love for hovercraft extended to making his plans available to the youth of the USA, contacted through his ad in Boys' Life magazine

Original ad here. (Scroll down a bit.)
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