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Johnson Smith Catalog Item #36


This was featured on page 2 of this romance comic. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.
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Debtor’s Revenge

In my latest article, I explore the phenomenon of Debtor's Revenge — when debtors decide to get even by paying fines with pennies. Though it's not always pennies. Might be $1 bills, or some other form of deviousness intended to spite the debt collector. There were so many examples of this that I could easily have made the article 10x as long as it was. Also might have mentioned that, if I remember correctly, Chuck once declared this phenomenon "no longer weird."

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Cyrus Eaton III, Runaway Scion

We often hear of folks such as "Clark Rockefeller" who are born poor and masquerade as rich people. But what about a fellow born rich who wants to be poor?


Original article here.

A picture of Cyrus Eaton III circa the runaway period.


No doubt it was hard being the grandson of Cyrus Eaton the First, creator of the family fortune.

Here's Grandpa leading the pack in 1958, with Cyrus the Third appearing as the third child behind Grandpa.


Cyrus Eaton the Second followed pretty much in his father's mode, as we learn from the obituary of Cyrus Eaton II.

And guess what else we learn from that obit? Cyrus Eaton the Third has become "Cyrus Wind Dancer." A little googling finds out he now runs a clock repair business in Santa Rosa, CA.

Free from the burdens of wealth at last!
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Günter D

He's a feisty old fellow! The list of complaints against 75-year-old Frankfurt resident "Günter D" include: urinating in flower pots, putting moldy bread in people's mailboxes, calling his neighbors prostitutes, writing lewd graffiti on walls, and repeatedly telephoning his neighbors up to 284 times a month. Gunter will soon have to defend himself in court against charges of disturbing the peace, damaging property, and making inappropriate threats. But he insists, "I've not done anything or offended anyone." [independent, bild]

The Sadist

If the trailer (top) fascinates, the full movie follows.

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Anthropologist Holly Wardlow did extensive fieldwork among the Huli people of Papua New Guinea. She offers this account of a curious way that Huli women get the upper hand (so to speak) in marital disputes:
many women when falsely accused [of adultery by their husbands] will lop off their index or pinky fingers at the first or second joint. This practice is quite common: of the fifty women with whom I conducted life history interviews, ten of them had one or two finger joints missing. Indeed this practice by Huli women is so pervasive that children say they make a point of hiding all knives and axes whenever their parents argue, not only to prevent them from injuring each other, but to prevent their mothers from lopping off their fingers. Like suicide, finger-lopping is motivated by anger and indignation, but it is highly performative as well; for example, one is supposed to maintain enough presence of mind to hurl the finger at one's accuser and yell something like, "keba biba haro, inaga ki bi pugu ngerogoni" (In order to cut off/finish my anger, I'm cutting off my finger and giving it to you.)

Source: Wayward Women: Sexuality and Agency in a New Guinea Society

Nuns Behaving Badly

This looks like a WUvian book to me!

Read an interview with the author here.
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