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Smoke Messages

This iPhone add-on, created by Dennis Be Bel, allows two people to send each other smoke messages. It's called the Smoke Messaging Service, or SMS. But the two have two agree in advance on what the smoke signals mean. [via likecool]

Posted By: Alex | Date: Mon Feb 24, 2014 | Comments (3)
Category: Technology, Telephones

Bloody Brilliant

A British man came up with a genius idea to discourage telemarketing calls. He has England's equivalent of a 900 number that he gives to businesses he deals with. Friends and family get his private, non-pay number but all others who wish to contact him pay for the privilege. He receives less than half the number of telemarketing calls that he used to each month and so far he has made more than $450 from the line. Awesome!
Posted By: patty | Date: Thu Aug 29, 2013 | Comments (6)
Category: Telephones

The Infidelity Phone

An old-model Fujitsu flip phone has a devoted fan base in Japan because of its enhanced privacy features. It allows you to designate certain contacts as private, and, according to the Wall Street Journal, "If one of those acquaintances gets in touch, the only signal of that communication is a subtle change in the color or shape of how the battery sign or antenna bars are displayed. If ignored, the call doesn't appear in the phone log."

This makes the phone perfect for philanderers, and has earned it the nickname "uwaki keitai" or "infidelity phone." Apparently no other phones offer such robust privacy features. For which reason, people are sticking with their old flip phones rather than upgrading to new models.

I can see a flaw in their strategy. Now that the phone is known as the phone-of-choice of philanderers, having one is a sign of what you are.
Posted By: Alex | Date: Tue Jan 29, 2013 | Comments (3)
Category: Lies, Dishonesty and Cheating, Technology, Telephones

Italy Report

For those who might be interested in my recent Italian trip.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Sun Jun 03, 2012 | Comments (2)
Category: Telephones, Paul, Europe

Get-rich-quick Scheme


I'm thinking of resurrecting this product and offering it to evangelical cellphone users. Any venture capital folks out there who want a quick return on their investment?

Original ad here.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Sat Feb 11, 2012 | Comments (4)
Category: Telephones, 1970's
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