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Spaceship from 1954 Halloween Parade



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Original article here.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Thu May 14, 2015 | Comments (8)
Category: Art, Motor Vehicles, Parades and Festivals, Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy, 1950's

Lesbian Space Gals of 1973


"We read PLAYBOY and PLAYGIRL magazines," laughed Capt. Evelyn Jean Parks....."

Original article here.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Sat Jan 17, 2015 | Comments (5)
Category: Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy, 1970's, LGBT, Women

The Martian Writing of Hélène Smith



A self-styled medium, Ms Smith was not content to talk to distant or dead Earth people only, but also had a hotline to Mars. Here is her portrait of a typical Martian, and their language.

Wikipedia entry here.

Long article here.

Porta-Potty Rocket

The Throne Thrusters is a group of Michigan-based rocket enthusiasts who have decided to attach high-powered rockets to a porta-potty and blast it thousands of feet into the air.
They're doing this in order to increase awareness of rocketry as a hobby, as well as to prove that it's possible to turn a porta-potty into a rocket. Launch is set for Nov. 22.

Check out their Facebook page for more details. [via Online Athens]

Posted By: Alex | Date: Mon Nov 10, 2014 | Comments (10)
Category: Bathrooms, Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy

Is Space Travel Covered?

Russia sent 5 geckos, amongst other small creatures, to space in order to study the animals sex habits in zero gravity. The satellite was recently brought back and the geckos were all dead, possibly due to freezing. Ok, first, if you are studying sexual activity why send an odd number of participants. Second, who did not know it is too cold for geckos in space? Yeah, yeah, they knew, but they sure didn't prepare for it sufficiently. Thirdly, were they insured by Geico??
Posted By: patty | Date: Mon Sep 01, 2014 | Comments (7)
Category: Animals, Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy, Goofs and Screw-ups

Major Mudd

Major Mudd, one of the TV heroes of my youth.

Any WU-vies want to share memories of their own lesser-known regional TV icons?

Posted By: Paul | Date: Wed Nov 20, 2013 | Comments (11)
Category: Regionalism, Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy, Television, Children, 1960's, 1970's

Sending meteorites back home

Artist Katie Paterson is planning to send a meteorite back into space. I like this idea. The universe has been flinging rocks at the earth for billions of years, so it's high time we start flinging them back.

Paterson writes that the meteorite has been "cast, melted, and then re-cast back into a new version of itself, retaining its original form." I'm not sure what the point of all that was, but it's art, so I'm not sure we're supposed to understand. I'm also not sure whether the meteorite will ever make it further than the International Space Station, or whether there are plans to fling it deeper into space. []

Posted By: Alex | Date: Sat Jul 27, 2013 | Comments (0)
Category: Art, Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy

GI Joe in Space

After his old-school sedate debut in 1967 (first video), GI Joe's outer space adventures turned decidedly weird in the 1970s, thanks apparently to the influence of Stanley Kubrick.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Wed May 15, 2013 | Comments (8)
Category: Movies, Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy, Toys, 1960's, 1970's

Ready to Go to Mars?

If you have heard the latest buzz about going to Mars and are thinking about the trip, you should probably visit this website first.

You get to go 3 times the speed of light for most of the trip, and the earth is 100 pixels wide. When you finally arrive at Mars, only 53 pixels wide, you will have an appreciation for just how far away Mars really is.


This amazing website by David Paliwoda and Jesse Williams will give all of us some perspective on those who decide to go.

What would you take for the trip? (Remember, it may be a one-way ticket.)
Posted By: gdanea | Date: Mon May 13, 2013 | Comments (4)
Category: Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy
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