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Caution: some brief flashes of bare bosoms--a tactic which seems to constitute the entirety of the performer's artistic armory--in video and at the link..

More info here.

Otto Witte, the King of Albania


Wikipedia article here. Click text below in first article to enlarge.




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I wonder why the trailer neglects to tell us that the dog houses the reincarnated soul of the little kid's father, who croaked in a car accident. Read the synopsis of the rest of the film to learn of its heart-warming tale of death, malevolence, vivisection, and heartbreak. A feel-good pic!
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Autobiography of Jesus


Wouldn't so many, many contemporary controversies be definitively settled if only we had Jesus's own writings about his life? Doesn't the sorry world of the 21st century need his inspired insights, straight from the Savior's lips? Of course! And yet, this Spiritualist-dictated "autobiography" languishes unread!

Check it out here.

Johnson Smith Catalog Item #23


If these horrifying masks are "lifelike" in the world you come from, I don't want to visit!

From the 1950 catalog.

The WWI Plot That Failed


Chances are, this man's face is totally unfamiliar to you. And yet he came within a hairsbreadth of altering the course of global history in the aftermath of World War I.

Take your best guess as to his claim to fame, then find out his story after the jump.

More >>

Camera as Gun


"Smile for the camera, Officer-- Argh! Why'd you shoot me?!?"

Original article here.
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Category: Disguises, Impersonations, Mimics and Forgeries, Guns, Photography and Photographers, 1950's

Johnson Smith Catalog Item #16


I want to see some joker wearing all of these at once!

From the 1930s catalog.
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