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Cash Cannon

I imagine this is what investment bankers do at parties. Just spray each other with money while laughing maniacally! Available at Real cash not included.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Sun Jul 13, 2014 | Comments (2)
Category: Inventions, Money, Outrageous Excess

Most Expensive Everything


We often feature luxury or dumb or crazy products that cost an unreasonable fortune. Well, here's a website that highlights nothing else.

Most Expensive website.

For instance, above is the Most Expensive Honey they could find, $83.00 per jar.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Sat Jul 27, 2013 | Comments (1)
Category: Money, Outrageous Excess

Parker Brothers Billionaire Game


Perhaps it's wise that this 1973 game is no longer manufactured. Hard to imagine it being very popular in today's economy. But if you still want a set, so you can pretend to be part of the 1%, check out the link to Amazon below.

More info here.

And here.

Posted By: Paul | Date: Thu Sep 27, 2012 | Comments (9)
Category: Games, Money, Outrageous Excess, 1970's

Numi Toilet

Longtime WU-vies know all about the Japanese fascination with complex automated toilets. Now there's one for the USA market.

And for only $6400.00!

Read a review here.
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