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Now that I know about this, I'll never view airplane travel in the same way again.

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No more low flying!

This is what the airlines did for in-flight entertainment, back in the day. From the Los Angeles Times, Sep 8, 1935:

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The Great Mull Air Mystery


In 1975, a pilot in a small plane makes a mysterious unscheduled night flight, and goes missing.

Several months later, the pilot's body is found, close by the air base from which he took off.

His plane is found even later, sunk in the ocean.

Did he jump from the plane in mid-air? No injuries consistent with that.

Did he escape the downed plane and swim to shore? No traces of sea water on the corpse.

Read the details here of this still-baffling enigma.
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Elm Farm Ollie Day

Feb. 18 is Elm Farm Ollie Day, commemorating the first flight in a plane by a cow. An article posted over at tells us that Elm Farm Ollie (aka Sunnymede Ollie, Nellie Jay, or Sky Queen) is remembered each year at the dairy festival in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin:

Celebrated as a pasteurized legend of the pasture, Ollie has for 60 years remained the star attraction at the Feb. 18 dairy festival held each year at Mount Horeb, Wisc. In addition to having her praises sung in such works as "The Bovine Cantata in B-Flat Major" (from Madame Butterfat) and the stirring "Owed to Ollie," she has been the subject of stories, cartoons and poems. E. D. Thalinger even painted her portrait for posterity.

A 1930 news-wire story provided details about the historic flight:

Will Milk Cow in Air
Claude M. Sterling, of Parks Air college, will pilot Sunnymede Ollie, Guernsey from Bismarck, Missouri, over the city in a tri-motored Ford.
The cow will be fed and milked and the milk parachuted down in paper containers. A quart of milk will be presented to Colonel Lindbergh when he arrives.
Weighing more than 1000 pounds, the cow will be flown to demonstrate the ability of aircraft. Scientific data will be collected on her behavior.
-The Evening Tribune (Albert Lea, Minn.) - Feb. 18, 1930.

More info at wikipedia and
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Strongest Hair Ever

Posted By: Paul | Date: Sat Dec 28, 2013 | Comments (3)
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How could Weird Universe not do a feature on a line of model kits dubbed "Weird-ohs"...?

This blog features a good writeup on them.


Here's a period ad from BOYS LIFE.


And the horrifying reality of the finished product. Buy yours now through the link below!

Scene at a plane crash

I found this image over at the USC Digital Archive. According to the title, it shows the scene at the crash site of an experimental plane in 1951. Text written across the top of the image provides more detail: "Off. Gale Whitacre and crowd with plane James Martin killed in."

My question is, what's the deal with the guy in his underwear? Was he just wandering by and stopped to see what was going on? Was it a particularly hot day? I can't imagine any other reason why he'd be standing around in his tighty-whiteys.
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Big Lavatory Concept

Researchers at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences put on their thinking caps and came up with a revolutionary idea. They call it the "Big Lavatory Concept" or BigLavC for short. Their idea is to take existing airplane toilets and make them jumbo sized, so they'll be easier for overweight and disabled people to use. []

I'm all for bigger toilets, but since there's a limited amount of space in an airplane, if you make the bathroom twice the size, won't that mean you'll end up with fewer bathrooms overall? And thus longer lines for the loo?

But of course, I'm being naive. These big bathrooms will probably only be for first-class passengers. And to make room for them they'll get rid of the economy-class toilets entirely and just hand out buckets.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Thu Apr 11, 2013 | Comments (7)
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