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Flying Fish a Hazard


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Original article here.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Sun Feb 07, 2016 | Comments (4)
Category: Fish, Air Travel and Airlines, 1980's, North America

Parachute Hat


Original article here.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Mon Dec 07, 2015 | Comments (4)
Category: Technology, Air Travel and Airlines, 1910's

Insect Aircraft


This 1906 article is the lone reference I can find on the internet to this craft, and I suspect it never existed except on paper.

Posted By: Paul | Date: Thu Oct 08, 2015 | Comments (17)
Category: Insects, Inventions, Air Travel and Airlines, 1900's, Europe

Tarantula on a plane

The crew of a Delta Airlines flight from Baltimore to Atlanta decided that everyone had to switch to a new plane when they learned that a baboon tarantula was loose on board. The tarantula had somehow escaped from its cargo shipment container.

The tarantula was later found. It had never made its way into the passenger compartment. But still, a good decision to switch planes. I can imagine passengers would have freaked out if they had been surprised by a baboon tarantula crawling down the aisle. []

Check out the video below to see a baboon tarantula in action.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Fri Sep 25, 2015 | Comments (7)
Category: Insects, Air Travel and Airlines

Multirotor Super Drone

The high-tech equivalent of attaching helium balloons to a lawn chair. Except it doesn't work as well.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Sat Sep 05, 2015 | Comments (5)
Category: Inventions, Air Travel and Airlines

George Bennie’s Railplane

I want to live in a world where a system of Bennie Railplanes has been in existence for eighty years.

Posted By: Paul | Date: Mon Jun 29, 2015 | Comments (4)
Category: Eccentrics, Inventions, Air Travel and Airlines, Trains and Other Vehicles on Rails, 1930's

Hoop Skirt Parachute


What are the odds this would actually work? Maybe if you bailed out when your airplane was about twenty feet off the ground....
Posted By: Paul | Date: Tue Jun 09, 2015 | Comments (8)
Category: Inventions, Air Travel and Airlines, 1910's

Follies of the Madmen #250


Yes, men's socks were really improved by the spinoffs of aviation technology, and are somehow emblematic of an era of increased air travel.

From Esquire for October 1962.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Thu Jun 04, 2015 | Comments (4)
Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Fashion, Air Travel and Airlines, 1960's
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