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Caffeinated Peanut Butter

And now, yet another caffeine delivery system. Because what our over-caffeinated world clearly needs is more caffeine. So you can get your caffeine fix via an inhaler, a body spray, as you lather up in the shower, and now in your peanut butter.

I think I'll stick with my morning cup of coffee.

Posted By: Alex | Date: Mon Oct 12, 2015 | Comments (5)
Category: Drugs, Food, Coffee and other Legal Stimulants

Follies of the Madmen #255


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Who knew that fresh coffee promoted dancing?

Original ad here.
Posted By: Paul | Date: Mon Jul 27, 2015 | Comments (8)
Category: Business, Advertising, Products, Coffee and other Legal Stimulants, 1930's

Follies of the Madmen #228

The cliche is: Swedes know everything about coffee--and sex. So that household should be a happy one, with busybody Mrs. Olson supervising the kitchen and, offstage, the bedroom.

Forty Cups of Coffee

Is that kopi luwak coffee?

Posted By: Paul | Date: Sat Jul 20, 2013 | Comments (9)
Category: Music, Coffee and other Legal Stimulants, 1950's
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