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I cannot embed the song that goes with this title, but you should be able to listen it in its entirety at this site. Rather pleasant Fairport Convention-style music with odd lyrics. Seems like a potential theme song for WU.

Alternately, you can hear a snippet at the Amazon link.

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King Louis Narcisse

A type of extravagant preaching that seems less prevalent today.

His Wikipedia page here.
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Midwest Furfest 2015

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The Eccentric Club

For over 230 years there has been one or more organizations known as "the Eccentric Club." I think every WU-vie should be a member by birthright.

Here is a tongue-in-cheek account of a party at an NYC branch from 1889.


Original article here.

Profile of the current London version.

Present-day USA version.
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Joe Smallbone, Eccentric

Joe Smallbone (1911-1985) was an eccentric who lived in Fenton, Michigan. He reportedly never bathed, and was always covered in soot because of the wood-burning stove in his house. He was a hoarder and visitors to his house would have to navigate a narrow path through the stuff. However, he was also a self-taught electronics genius, and everyone in town would bring him their radios and TVs to fix.

Joe Smallbone

There was only one photo ever taken of Smallbone, at the 50th reunion of his high school class. Someone cleaned him up to attend it.

Despite his oddness, the townsfolk accepted him as their local strange character. And his legend lives on today with a song and video about him created by musician Bonnie Whitehurst.

More info from the Tri-County Times: ‘A legend in his own time’ and Fenton grad’s video on Joe Smallbone going viral?

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The Elvis Diet

Everyone knows about Elvis's penchant for fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches. But some of these other items, as instanced in the book below, have faded from popular memory.



[Click to enlarge]

Original article here.

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“The Chicken Song”

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RIP Adam Purple

American eccentric Adam Purple died last week, at the age of 84. The NY Times says he collapsed on the walkway of the Williamsburg Bridge. We've previously noted some of his achievements here on WU. He's most famous as the "original hipster" and a "Guerrilla Gardener" who created a "Garden of Eden" on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Some of his other life details, from the NY Times obit:

  • He used many aliases throughout his life, including Rev. Les Ego, John Peter Zenger 2nd, and General Zen of the Headquarters Intergalactic of Psychic Police of Uranus.
  • He produced hundreds of copies of a tiny book called “Zentences!” that was meant to encourage meditation.
  • He "renounced the internal combustion engine."
  • "Because of his abhorrence of waste, he salvaged and repurposed everything he could, including empty glass bottles, rusty nails and even buckets of lost tennis balls found on the street."
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