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[Photographed in Providence, Rhode Island, October 2008, corner of North Main and Branch.]

If anyone can possibly explain the meaning of this poster, please do so.
Posted By: Paul - Mon Oct 20, 2008
Category: Aliens, Art, Sexuality, Signage, Posters, Gender-bending

Mark--this protracted election is getting to you!
Posted by Paul on 10/20/08 at 11:40 AM
That beast has the largest *ahem* member I've ever seen. The dude on the receiving end, not so much.
Posted by Caffeinated Katie in Atlanta, GA on 10/20/08 at 11:50 AM
CK--please do not indulge in human chauvinism on this site!
Posted by Paul on 10/20/08 at 12:02 PM
I think it means:

"CAUTION - don't crawl around here naked because there's this red beast with a really big d@$k that's gonna f#$k you in the ass".

BTW - You'd think he could at least give a reach-around. Selfish red beast!
Posted by Madd Maxx on 10/20/08 at 12:42 PM
Red dude's got tiny little T-Rex arms, he can't even reach his own ass let alone blue guy's dingle
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 10/20/08 at 12:52 PM
Jules - He's got something on his head that could reach with maybe a hole in it. Besides it's the thought that counts.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 10/20/08 at 12:54 PM
we are disgusting and I love every second of it
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 10/20/08 at 12:58 PM
Who? Us? Just having fun at work.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 10/20/08 at 01:01 PM
On that note, I have to be in meetings the rest of the day - farewell friends!
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 10/20/08 at 01:02 PM
Right now, the theories advanced by Big Gary and YoMommaWeen are leading the pack!
Posted by Paul on 10/20/08 at 02:46 PM
I think we're missing the big picture here.

If that's unity, then wtf is chaos?
Posted by Cristie on 10/20/08 at 04:29 PM
Big Gary - Does that mean that Picasso was an alien?
Posted by Madd Maxx on 10/20/08 at 08:39 PM
I think you guys got it all wrong. See, the alien or "red beast" represents the republicans. This pictoral is showing how far up your @$$ the government will be if McCain is elected. Look at the grin on the alien's face... compare it to John McCain's. The resemblance is uncanny!
Posted by KW in Dallas, TX on 10/20/08 at 09:53 PM
"Beasts, Unifiers, Chaos, etc. are all 'paths' that can be taken"

I don't think I want to take any of those paths. That looks painful.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 10/21/08 at 07:29 AM
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