A Minute of Dance Per Day

Une minute de danse par jour /sélection d'extraits de danses from Nadia Vadori-Gauthier on Vimeo.

Une minute de danse par jour 20 08 2016/ danse 585 (One Minute of Dance a Day). from Nadia Vadori-Gauthier on Vimeo.

There is just as much of this as you can take--and possibly more than you can take--at her page.

Posted By: Paul - Wed Aug 24, 2016
Category: Avant Garde, Performance Art, Europe

She does a pretty good Elaine Dance —

Posted by Alex on 08/24/16 at 08:55 AM
First there was du jour soup now there's du jour dance. I see a trend developing here.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 08/24/16 at 10:07 AM
She seems to travel a lot. Many scenes are in Paris but a few looked to be in the North American southwest.
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 08/24/16 at 11:49 AM
A translation of her opening statement on her site:

From google Translate

You who follow my dances for a few days, few weeks, few months, you know how my involvement is linked to a certain state of violence in the world and the urge to act every day since the attacks of January 2015 for a poetry in action, to work for life, for solidarity, for softness between categories and body. Since the tragic events of 13 November 2015, this commitment is to me more than ever. But dance is very difficult in these circumstances. Every day I do not know what dance I going to do, but I think we need more than ever to be together on sensitive and caring ways that welcome our diversity. So I dance. I will dance still nothing a little dance, a flutter of butterfly wings, a drop compared with the rest. I will dance for us, for the world of ethical interrelations in which I want to live. See you soon *** (17/11/16)
Posted by Judy in Central NY on 08/26/16 at 12:33 PM
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