All Are Welcome

There's been controversy recently in the town of Groton, Massachusetts over eight stone markers that were installed on roads leading into the town engraved with the phrase "Town of Groton — All Are Welcome."

Some citizens expressed concern that the phrase might be taken literally, and that "those with a criminal or terrorist background" might feel they were being invited in. Others worried that it was some kind of veiled political message, implying the town intended to become a sanctuary city for immigrants and refugees. There was a suggestion that the markers be replaced with ones that simply said 'Welcome.'

It looks like the critics have been silenced for now and the stone markers will remain where they are.

More info: Boston Magazine

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Oct 26, 2017
     Category: Signage

Maybe the most accurate sign that could be put up would read "Not All Are Welcome". That would seem to describe just about every community right now, at least in the U.S.
Posted by Fritz G on 10/26/17 at 07:01 AM
@Fritz - probably true of every community in the world at all times. There's always someone you don't like.
Posted by RobK on 10/26/17 at 10:24 AM
I'm thinking about this scene from "Blazing Saddles" -
Posted by KDP on 10/26/17 at 11:26 AM
My first thought was that they were placed in reaction to a sense that some were definitely NOT welcome there.
Posted by Brian on 10/26/17 at 10:11 PM
I know! What they wanted was some nice town marker with only the town's name in big bold letters and a bunch of flowers and bushes around it , like we see in Ontario. The smaller the town, the bigger the shrubbery. Just replace the ugly rock with an nice painted wooden panel and a shrubbery . Ni!
Posted by Yudith on 10/27/17 at 05:45 AM
Maybe the message of Town of Groton's rock can be clarified by adding "To Visit" after the word Welcome. Next to it they could then place another rock engraved with the idiom "Fish and visitors stink after three days".

On a side note, I wonder if somewhere down south, there's a community with a rock that's engraved "Y'all Are Welcome" .
Posted by Fritz G on 10/27/17 at 07:44 AM
Y'all is singular. All y'all is the plural.
Posted by Virtual on 10/27/17 at 08:11 AM
@Virtual: Thanks, I was not aware of that distinction. All Y'all Are Welcome would look even better on a rock.
Posted by Fritz G on 10/27/17 at 09:15 AM
Y’all is plural. Y’all is a contraction of “you all.” “All you all” is redundant.
Posted by Judy on 10/27/17 at 05:58 PM
All y'all are welcome.
Posted by Virtual on 10/28/17 at 10:40 AM
....for the Deep South grammar lesson.
Posted by Virtual on 10/28/17 at 10:44 AM
Once saw a sign outside teh navy base there that offered "tattoos while you wait."
Posted by crc on 10/30/17 at 07:18 AM
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