The Amplifier, or Enunciator

Robert Linn theorized that a loudspeaker shaped like a human head, containing a mouth and nose cavity similar to that of a person, would produce sounds that were of a higher quality and more "pleasing and properly modulated" than a regular loudspeaker would. So he created (and patented in 1927) what he called the Amplifier or Enunciator.

The resemblance to a sex doll has to be coincidental, because they weren't invented until after World War II. (The claim that Hitler invented the first sex doll is apparently a hoax).
     Posted By: Alex - Sun Mar 14, 2021
     Category: Inventions | Music | 1920s

Cant imagine why this didn’t catch on. Sure, it would look weird on a shelf, but if a guy is bored and lonely on a Saturday night...
Posted by Brian on 03/14/21 at 09:20 PM
Looks like a combo of the Bride of Frankenstein and Jan In The Pan.
Posted by FRANK on 03/15/21 at 04:54 PM
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