Astro-Face of the Year 2017

According to beauty experts in 1967, the women of 2017 would wake up in the morning and make themselves beautiful by applying a paste-on "Moon Maid Mask" that would "change the structure of a face from neckline to hairline."

Other 21st-century beauty enhancements would include:

Toss in the Wash Wigs: A second or two in the supersonic laundry of tomorrow and a girl will be freshly coiffed for jet going.

Instant Youth: Plastic surgery in the form of silicone or other type injections which do in a matter of minutes what now takes weeks of hospital treatment.

The instant youth prediction was fairly close to the mark.

Akron Beacon Journal - Sep 10, 1967

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Jan 01, 2017
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