Banana-Shaped Writing Device

Kia Scudder of San Antonio, Texas was recently granted Patent No. 11077701 for a "banana shaped writing device and method." From the patent:

Generally, the banana shaped writing device is a pencil that resembled a banana wherein the banana is peeled to reveal the lead. The banana shaped writing device allows the users to access additional lead when it gets too short or dull by peeling the banana layers. It enables children and even adults to stand out by using such a unique pencil. The device includes a cushioned inside that provides comfort to users, especially left-handed users. The present invention assists children that are beginning to learn how to write remember correct finger position.

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Sep 03, 2021
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I don't find this pen particularly a-peel-ing. My favorite novelty pen is still the one that looks like a syringe. I bought several at a local drugstore about 30 years ago and enjoyed using one of them when I would take my lunch breaks at a local hospital's cafeteria. I gave some to employees who couldn't resist coming over to my table and asking about them. I still have a couple in a junk drawer, although I'm sure the ink has completely dried by now.

And on the subject of pens, my late wife had (and I still have) a collection of floaty pens that she amassed during our many vacations over the years. Just about every gift shop had them with scenes unique to their area. They were cheap souvenirs, but still evoke fond memories of those times.
Posted by Fritz on 09/03/21 at 07:04 AM
And this should be banana flavoured as well for the benefit of all pencil chewers!
Posted by Jessica on 09/03/21 at 09:52 AM
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