Belly Bongo

From the mind of inventor George Fullerton came, in 1973, the Belly Bongo.

It's called a "Belly Bongo," and according to inventor Fullerton, it will make you "shake, rattle and roll." Made of high-impact styrene plastic, the Belly Bongo toy is an 8-inch square composed of four open-ended chambers. A hard rubber ball hangs from a three-inch string on the front-center. A canvas strap threaded through the back fastens it to your body. When Belly Bongo is secured around the hips — "where the action is," says Fullerton — the ball moves with the motion of your body. As it hits on the hollow chambers, it produces a bongo-beat, the tone of which varies according to the chamber size. With the motion of walking, the Belly Bongo emits a bump-da-da-da, bump-da-da-da beat. "It tells you how sexy your walk is," Fullerton grins.

A rapid-motion twist produces an up-tempo pong-pong-pong-pong. With proper body movements, Belly Bongo makes you your own bump-and-grind drummer. A checker in the electro-mechanical division at Honeywell, Fullerton spends his evenings designing and tapping away at product prototypes in his Largo home. Belly Bongo is the latest in a long line of toys and crafts he's invented. Fullerton explains his wealth of entertainment ideas as a direct result of the lack of hair on his head. "It's all because I'm bald-headed," he says with a laugh, "If you're bald-headed, it means you're crazy."

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Tampa Bay Times - Apr 22, 1973

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I've had this little ear-worm for years:

Never knew it came from a commercial. Thanks!
Posted by S. Norman on 05/25/18 at 07:35 AM
I never saw one of those before now. But I do remember the "clacker balls" toy that, next to lawn darts, was probably the one of the most dangerous toys to give to a kid.
Posted by KDP on 05/25/18 at 09:31 AM
I think this was invented by a guy who just wanted to see girls shake their boobs...
Posted by Brian on 05/28/18 at 08:21 AM
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