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Did the Bishop get beaten up, or was it just a nasty fall?
Last year, Bishop Donald Pelotte of the diocese in Gallup, N.Mex., was hospitalized with two black eyes and what looks like a couple dozen other bruises and cuts all over his body. Said he fell down a flight of stairs. [Ed.: There's video, and nobody has ever had "a fall" like that.] Then, a few months later, the Bishop made a 911 call about "little men" (3- or 4-feet tall), wearing Halloween masks, running around his house, and that he needed help (even though, he said, they were "gentle"). KOAT-TV (Albuquerque)
     Posted By: Chuck - Sat Aug 02, 2008

AnUnSi you've missed the point. We (that's most of us regulars) are out to bash just about anything that walks, crawls, swims, or flies. Religion is just such an easy target!

Now.. to the important comment:

Isn't N.Mex in the middle of peyote territory?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 08/03/08 at 12:30 AM
LOL Huw! I'm one of those unlucky super-pale people that bruise when the wind blows. A couple times when I'm changing in the gym locker-room, the other girls freak out and think my boyfriend beats me. They never believe it's from getting a swedish massage!!

BTW, Expat, we would never bash anything. How dare you state otherwise? We come here to expand our minds and learn about the world... or maybe that's why we take the peyote...
Posted by BikerPuppy on 08/04/08 at 02:20 PM
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