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I just got back yesterday from a two week vacation in New Zealand (aka The Land of Many Sheep). Robo-Alex was surreptitiously posting for me while I was gone, since I figured it wasn't a good idea to announce to the world that I was traveling and my house was empty. My wife and I drove around the North and South Islands, then concluded by attending a relative's wedding in Queenstown.

One sight we saw, which seemed WU-worthy, was the Steampunk HQ in the small town of Oamaru (population 13,000). I was hoping it might feature a giant statue of Paul — but it turned out not to include any references to literary Steampunk, but was instead a museum filled with strange steampunk-themed art.

My favorite part of it was the "Portal Room," which was a mirror-walled infinity room. When you pressed a red button, a brief sound-and-light show played. Since there weren't many people at the museum, my wife and I got to experience the portal room a number of times.

Steampunk HQ

The Portal Room

Posted By: Alex - Mon Aug 31, 2015

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