buyers market

Court-ordered respect is still a buyer's market
Two Portland, Ore., women have decided that $50,000 each is fair compensation for being forced to show a cop their underwear during a traffic stop in 2006. The cop was convicted and has resigned, but do Portland taxpayers realize how many months strippers have to work, night after night, showing far more than their underwear, to make $50,000? (Also this week, Edith Freemon got a second life in her lawsuit against a Nashville restaurant that she knew, and maybe everyone in Nashville knew, specialized in customers' throwing peanut shells on the floor. Yes, Clumsy Edith fell down, and sued, and the state appeals judges said she is entitled to her day in court.) KATU-TV (Portland) /// The Tennessean
     Posted By: Chuck - Fri Feb 27, 2009

$50k?? Yo! Portland! I'll show you mine for $5k. Deal?

Peanut shells on the floor!?! What, nobody's got a broom in Nashville? I guess the judge will be wanting a BIG tip when this is all over.

First time I ran into this was back in the late 60's in Rome across from the Colosseum so nuttin' new here.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/27/09 at 09:22 AM
We have a restaurant here where you throw peanut shells on the floor. I certainly doesn't make the floor slippery. If anything it seems to give you more traction.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 02/27/09 at 09:36 AM
I can't believe this nut is going to force the restaurant to shell out some money for her clumsiness.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 02/27/09 at 09:38 AM
I don't get why anyone would be upset about that. Seriously, all I have to do is show you a little something and you wont give me a ticket? Really? Here you go! Have a nice day, good bye.
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 02/27/09 at 10:05 AM
Some of us are ass men!
Posted by Madd Maxx on 02/27/09 at 10:17 AM
I still haven't quite figured out why the city is paying for the cop's <strike>obsession<\strike> digression from duty or was this a procedure from the police handbook?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/27/09 at 11:03 AM
years ago i worked with a girl who came to work and told us that she blew a cop to get out of a ticket. she figured she got of cheap because she had been drinking. the cop deserves to get in trouble, but everything doesn't have to result in a payday. if you don't want to walk on peanut shell the go elsewhere to have dinner edith!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/27/09 at 04:23 PM
Be more aware of where thou eateth, Edith.
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 02/27/09 at 04:47 PM
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