Cannery Row in a can

Created by artists Peter and Donna Thomas in 2003.

Info from UW Milwaukee library:

To see the book, the can must be opened with a can opener, presenting the owner with a dilemma: do they want their artwork to be ‘original’ and leave the can sealed, or do they open the can to see the book inside. We had hoped to use a sardine tin, with the little key to open it, but could not find a source. During the search we found a local business, Dave’s Albacore, which had an old canning machine salvaged from Cannery Row. They were willing to can the book for us, saying ‘drop it off on a Friday and we will can the books first thing Monday morning, and hopefully that way they won’t smell too much like fish.’

     Posted By: Alex - Tue May 17, 2022
     Category: Art | Books

My idea of book preservation: ". . . UV-resistant ink on Tyvek®, titanium covers, and sealed in leaded glass boxes."
Posted by Phideaux on 05/17/22 at 08:29 PM
If you read the full description, you'll see that the "book" inside is only the opening paragraph of the Steinbeck novel. That explains how they fit it into what looks to be a tuna can. Perhaps that would also allow them to circumvent copyright laws.
Posted by ges on 05/17/22 at 08:52 PM
@ges: That's a pity. If they'd been honest, I'd have suggested buying two, keeping one pristine and opening the other. But since they cheat, the only reasonable suggestion is not to waste your money on these people.
Posted by Richard Bos on 05/21/22 at 12:13 PM

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