Captain Sky

     Posted By: Paul - Mon May 15, 2017
     Category: Aliens | Eccentrics | Music | 1970s

The Captain Sky album cover reminded me of the cover of the 1972 album "Who Will Save The World?" by The Groundhogs. Here is a link to the Groundhog album, with artwork on its cover by D.C. Comics illustrator Neal Adams:

(I don't have the Groundhogs LP, but I still have the pre-recorded cassette, which has the same cover.)
Posted by Fritz G in Soudan Level 27 on 05/15/17 at 08:43 AM
My taste in music remains in loud arena rock and metal but every once in a while I'll drag out my old funk music albums, i.e. Ohio Players, Cool & The Gang, Commodores, and let loose. As with any genre, some was pretty good and some wasn't worth the vinyl it was pressed upon.

I hadn't heard of The Captain but this song shows a good degree of polish and poise.
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 05/15/17 at 04:09 PM

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