Central Premonitions Registry

The Central Premonitions Registry was established by Robert Nelson in New York in 1968 (following the establishment of a similar agency in the UK the year before). It provided a place where people could send in premonitions or predictions about the future. These would then be filed away for future reference, to see if they came true.

The Registry claimed to have a three-fold purpose: to identify people with genuine psychic gifts, to see how many premonitions actually came true, and also to serve as a warning system to prevent disaster in case they received "a flux of dreams that seem to refer to the same pending event."

As far as I know, the Registry never actually gave a heads-up about any looming disaster.

Eventually the Registry made its way online, but its website was abandoned around 2008. A copy of it is preserved in the Wayback Machine.

Cincinnati Enquirer - Mar 18, 1973

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I had a dream about this.
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