Cow-Costumed Woman Chases Children

We here at Weird Universe have been warning our readers for quite some time about the danger posed by cows who attack. (See here, here, and here.) It has now become apparent that this threat extends to women dressed up as cows.

Evidence: Michelle Allen of Middletown, Ohio was taken into custody for disorderly conduct that included chasing children, urinating on a neighbor's front porch, and causing traffic problems -- all while wearing a cow costume.

In case you have any desire to imitate Michelle this Halloween -- and I suspect many people will be doing so -- it looks like Amazon has a similar cow costume in stock.

(Thanks to everyone who forwarded us this story!)
     Posted By: Alex - Wed Oct 01, 2008
     Category: Crime | Cows

The poor woman is most definitely deranged and deserves our sympathy more than our condemnation.

Na!!!! Guilty! Throw away the keys!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 10/01/08 at 02:10 AM
My oreos will have to stay dry, I'll never drink milk again.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 10/01/08 at 08:26 AM
That's a woman?!?
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 10/01/08 at 09:08 AM
Kenneth - Your comments have 'moo'ved me. I'll steak my rep on there not being too many more puns about this cow.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 10/01/08 at 09:42 AM
Veal-ly guys, please stop these cowardly bad puns.
Posted by Alex on 10/01/08 at 10:25 AM
Kenneth, -1 point for the "steer" pun.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 10/01/08 at 10:57 AM
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