Ear Makeup

Apparently Candice Bergen got her start modeling "Dear Ear" — the first ever (and last ever?) line of ear makeup. She would have been 18 when she did these ads.

Called "Dear Ear," the makeup comes in two shades, pink and silver. It is painted onto the lobe or ear perimeter with a special styling brush.
For those who have little experience in painting ears, and that includes most of us, Maradel also includes a styling booklet which offers four ear-styling techniques.
-Miami News - Aug 16, 1964

Jackson Clarion-Ledger - Aug 4, 1964

Miami News - Aug 16, 1964

     Posted By: Alex - Sun May 20, 2018
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I'm sure this was controversial in 1964, but just for fun, I went to the Google Images search page and typed in the words ear tattoos. As Bob Dylan once sang, "... the times they are a-changin'..."
Posted by Fritz G on 05/20/18 at 07:08 AM
Hey, you take your breaks where you can get them...
Posted by Brian on 05/20/18 at 07:41 AM
True enough, Brian.

Even though color photos were not common in a newspaper of the day, it kind of defeats the purpose of the story to have a B&W photo to illustrate.
Posted by KDP on 05/20/18 at 12:14 PM
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