Escaped Tiger, 1915 Version

The tale of the Houston Tiger is okay, but not a patch on the 1915 event.

Source: The Los Angeles Times Los Angeles, California 03 Oct 1915, Sun Page 11

     Posted By: Paul - Thu May 13, 2021
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Princess was apparently recovered unharmed, as she appeared in: "Actors from the Jungle" (1915). The synopsis, in listing the animals, notes: ". . . Princess, the tigress, who escaped from captivity recently and raised such a disturbance throughout the confines of the city . . ."

I have to confess I'm somewhat at a loss as to which movie was being shot. My best guess is: "The Heart of a Tigress" (1915), but it might also have been "The Lion's Ward" (1915) or "On the Trail of the Tigress" (1916). Madame Paul Bourgeois (wife of Universal's animal trainer) stars in all of them, and they all have a tiger or two.
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Nice sleuthing, Phideaux!

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