Extreme Embalming: Video Gamer

The latest example of the recurring weird theme of "extreme embalming" is 18-year-old Renard Matthews, shot while walking his dog. At his funeral, his family had his body posed in his favorite activity while alive—playing a video game in his leather swivel chair, root beer and Doritos close at hand.
More info: independent.co.uk

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     Posted By: Alex - Sat Jul 14, 2018
     Category: Death

They did that one on My Name Is Earl about 10 years ago.
Posted by F.U.D. on 07/14/18 at 07:41 AM
The true story in SRVs "Cadillac Coffin" . pre-dates both. Just sayin'.
Posted by John on 07/15/18 at 12:26 PM
Posted by KDP on 07/15/18 at 09:17 PM
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